This is WEIRDD: January 2017


Mallory: This has been the month of crewneck sweatshirts for me. I got multiple for Christmas, and they are just so comfy and warm. I also feel like you can dress them up or down so they have been my go to fashion piece of the month.

Abby: Turtlenecks are back my friends and don’t let anyone tell you any differently. I have been wearing my new green and purple turtlenecks maybe a little too often but I DON’T CARE. They keep my neck warm and add definition to my chin.


Mallory: Back to school means back to Brough. Which they rearranged. I was VERY disoriented when I walked back in after the break. I had to search for the unhealthy meal instead of it being right in front of me. Ugh. Who’s idea was it to try and make me eat healthier???

Abby: Ok I have now done three weeks off meal prep so I am really proud. The first week was an Asian Inspired Spiral-ized Cucumber Salad and roasted veggies with quinoa. The second week I had a Roasted Winter Vegetable bowl and a Kale salad. This week I have Bok Choy Rice noodles and another kale salad because lots of love for kale.

Impressed By

Mallory: Lady Gaga’s newest album Joanne. I know that I wrote about this in a Friday Five a couple weeks ago, but it is SO GOOD you guys. It’s incredibly personal, and you can tell that she has put her heart and soul into writing and singing the songs. It is very different than anything she has put out before and I am 100% here for it.

Abby: KAT CAMPBELL. She has been really smart about maintaining healthy eating choices and going to her 7am class which is a horrible thing that shouldn’t exist.


Mallory: I mentioned this in my Christmas haul from friends, but Jacob got me Uncommon Grounds by Mark Pendergrast for Christmas and that’s the book I read this month. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even though it was honestly a deviation from what I typically read. It took me awhile to read because the history of coffee is very dense and drama-filled. This isn’t something I would recommend for those looking for a light read, but if you have time to spend reading and want to learn a little something you should pick it up and give it a try.

Abby: I recently read an article for class called, “How to Build a Man” by Anne-Fausto Sterling. It brought up very interesting insights into masculinity and the expectations of Western males.


Mallory: Foursome on AwesomenessTV’s YoutubeRED channel. I use my dad’s Youtube account for this, which takes work, which is how you know that this is something you should check out. I love JennxPenn’s actual Youtube channel and I am so glad that I finally got around to watching this show she stars in. The drama in the show is on purpose ridiculous to be funny and I really enjoy it. Lots of laughs occurred in the watching of this show.

Abby: The Good Place. What a TV show. What a season finale. So funny, so smart. Please just watch.


Mallory: School starting back up in the middle of January means that I have been trying to get back in the swing of things. I feel like I forgot how to balance school, work, TBS, and fun over the break – using my planner has helped me feel a little in control. I also started developing a good sleep pattern, which has really helped my sanity even though it means that no productive work gets done after 11 P.M. because that’s bedtime.

Abby: I’m back on the grind of studying, working, learning and generally scheduling my entire life. Additionally, I am a membership candidate for TBS which is super exciting but also a large time commitment. It will definetly be worth it though, so no worries there. Basically my calendar is my best friend right now and we hang out all the time.


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