The Friday Five

  1. The weather in Fayetteville has been really upsetting. Everyday this week it has been pretty and warm and so nice outside, but today it’s chilly and dreary and windy. The weather fluctuating like this has really thrown me off. My body is confused.
  2. I have had lower back pain since November and when it happens there is no position I can sit/stand/lay in that relieves it. This week has been especially bad. It’s really hard me to bend or move into or out of a sitting position. I keep having to ask other people to plug in my chargers or hand me things on the ground and it is a problem. I also can’t bend to fix my hair which is really sad.
  3. This week has been pretty darn stressful. I had a test on Thursday and two on Friday (one hasn’t happened yet). I haven’t gotten enough sleep because I’ve been up studying which makes me even more stressed because I’m tired but I can’t sleep because I have tests. It’s not a cool thing.
  4. I got to go see Abby at work for lunch this afternoon with Alex today! Alex is her big and one of my honorary bigs and it was a good time. Savoy lunch just really hit the spot on this chilly day. I also love tea. 10/10 afternoon avoiding studying.
  5. The band concerts this week have been phenomenal. I am so lucky to go to school with and be friends with the people who make up the bands here. They are so talented.




Ok so here is the deal. I hate the clothes I picked for this challenge and I am a stressed lil nugget because this semester is wrecking me. So, after much deliberation, I have decided to quit the 28 for 28 challenge. I know some of you (Charlie Melton) will be upset. Just know that I am also sad and please direct any online hate to @GGardenhire. He deserves it.


Mallory’s Outfits Week Trois

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Day 12: There isn’t a picture for this day because Abby, Kat, and I celebrated Gal-entine’s Day and it was a “special circumstance.” We made breakfast, got ready, studied at Onyx in Springdale, and went to see a live production of The Last Five Years. It was a pretty nice time.

Day 13: I went to class and then to a pancake/waffles for dinner celebration of Gal-entine’s day with TBS/KKY. After that, I went over to Abby’s to do homework and laundry and stay up way too late before sleeping on her couch. What a day.

Day 14: A lazy day because I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before. I went to class and all that fun stuff. After work, Jacob bought Abby and I Valentine’s dinner in the form of Thai food because he is the best friend ever.

Day 15: Class???? I had a geology lab that took way too long to do. I can’t really remember exactly what I did. Oops.

Day 16: A day I found out that one of the people who works at Starbucks knows my name. I promise I don’t even go there that often. I thought.

Day 17: What a stressful day. I went to class, went to work, and wrote the entirety of a paper that was due at 9 PM before I left to go to Texas for South Texas Area Workshop at 4. Not a great day, but I really liked this outfit so I guess it was okay???

Day 18: The day of South Texas workshop. A very good day. I love getting to interact with other brothers and sisters from around the district. I also got to see Julia and Emma Patty – 10/10.

Day 19: We drove back from Texas. I actually got to drive. I also got flipped off on the highway, so I think this officially means that I am an adult. (For the record, he flipped me off for something that was completely not my fault – the people in front of me were not going as fast as the people behind me wanted.)

Day 20: Lots of class, lots of work, lots of studying. I found a new bathroom at work, which was where this was taken. An okay day. I also spent the last of my flex on a dr. pepper icee, so pretty lit.

This was obviously the week of mirror pictures and peace signs. A lot of the mirror pictures happened because I kept forgetting outfit pics were a thing. But it’s fine. I also am posting on a Tuesday instead of a Sunday because this way I can do my final post on like next Wednesday or something. It makes it more even ya know????


The Friday Five

  1. I have not been getting enough sleep. It has become a problem. I need to start sleeping more. But hanging out with people is so fun. I want to do that too. I just need more hours in the day.
  2. I also need more days in the weekend. There is never enough time to do everything I need to do. Plus I want to relax on the weekends. But I can’t. Because there is stuff I need to be doing. So another day would be nice.
  3. The MC’s made it to midpoint!! I’m so proud of all of the friends I have made since their process started. They have all come so far and worked so hard and process is halfway over and AHHHH I love them.
  4. The Phenomenon of the Disappearing Flex: or, Mallory Buys Too Much Coffee. Basically, we are five weeks into the semester and I only have 8 dollars left in flex. And basically the only thing I buy with flex is coffee. Also, I always buy snacks at Club Red to reward myself for studying. It is a problem.
  5. One of the baristas at Starbucks knows my name. I don’t know what this means. I really didn’t think that I was buying that much coffee, but if she knows my name then I think I have been buying that much coffee. Is this a good thing? Or a shameful thing?


Mallory’s Outfits Week Deux


Day 5

Day 5: I went to church, and then hung out with Abby, Kat, Jacob, Maureen, and Lauren to study. Later, I ate soup and Abby/Kat’s house while we watched Lady Gaga slay her half time show.


Day 6








Day 6: This picture was taken in the tech center, so I guess I spent time studying there with Kevin, Katy, and Andy. Not sure though.


Day 7

Day 7: I was really impressed with myself because I finally wore my booties to class. I also worked and studied and played Just Dance this day. It was long, but very good.


Day 8






Day 8 :  I did typical things like go to class, got dinner with Megan and Abby, went to the library for a few hours, and then to an intramural game.


Day 9

Day 9: I had lots of classes this day. I accidentally fell asleep in my night class, and then I had to go to chapter. Then I went to another intramural game. Because apparently I like watching basketball now.


Day 10: I need to apologize for this being a mirror picture. But I didn’t ever take an actual one. So sorry. But this day was cool, because after class I got tea with one of the coolest people I know, and then I got to study at Onyx with Abby. I also ate Wendy’s.

Day 11: I don’t actually have a picture for this day because I spent the day at Arkansas Area Workshop for TBS and we decided it was a special circumstance day so that I could wear my stitch letter shirt that isn’t a part of my 28/28. Sorry to disappoint. 😦

I’m also literally posing with my arms in 4/6 of these pictures. Someone teach me how to pose in a flattering, not awkward way. I’m begging.


The Friday Five

  1. Going home on The Bachelor during a cocktail party has to suck. Those girls have been are breaking up with the guy who they have been dating for weeks (they might even consider him their boyfriend) in front of a ton of their friends/people that are also dating him. The goodbyes have to suck, because they are so quick. Typically when you break up with someone, you have a conversation about it but those women don’t get to do that!! It would suck y’all.
  2. I wish the weather would pick one. This week, it has been up around 70 for two days, and then down below freezing the next. This weekend, the high is supposed to go back up!!! What am I supposed to wear?? How do I guess if I need a coat when the wind is killer?? I’m just annoyed by it, okay.
  3. I haven’t been going to sleep early enough this week. Tuesday I stayed up playing Just Dance with my friends who live in Humphreys until 1 AM. Wednesday I went to an intramural basketball game and then Whataburger, so I didn’t get to sleep until around 1. Yesterday I went to another intramural game and wasn’t in bed until after midnight. Getting not enough sleep is KILLING me during the day.
  4. God bless my father. He had to ship me more contacts from home, and he asked me if I needed anything else. I didn’t really need anything, so I asked him to surprise me with something fun. AND HE INCLUDED SOUR PATCH KIDS AND A WHATABURGER GIFTCARD. He is honestly an amazing man.
  5. I do not spend my flex dollars wisely. We aren’t even a month into school and I only have $28 left from my $120 ish that I started out with. I keep buying coffee and food that I don’t need. I am going to be screwed near the middle and end of the semester.


Babe Thursday: TBS Big Sister Edition

If you haven’t gathered from some previous posts, I am a membership candidate for Tau Beta Sigma. This means I got a Big Sister to help me through the process and basically be my guiding light. This person for me is Alex Honeycutt. Big Little Reveal.jpg

I am really excited that Alex is my big for many reasons. 1) I know she loves to talk and I have been known to talk a little too much so I am sure we won’t be lacking in the conversation department. 2) I know that she is older and wiser than me so hopefully she will help me put my problems into perspective. 3) We are going to have so many fun adventures together. We are both pretty much down for anything so that means lots of hiking and brunch and road trips in the future.

MORE Big Little Reveal.jpg

I am so excited for cultivating our relationship. I know that no matter what, Alex and I will be good friends. So for the potential “babe-ness”, this babe Thursday goes to Alex.

Abby Day 1-7


Day 1: Look at me. Still so young and optimistic. Little did I know that the week to come would really stink.


Day 2: A U of A music stand featuring me looking thug.


Day 3: How to pose with a pole and not look like a stripper.


Day 4: Smiling because it is the only thing you can do when you can’t feel anything.


Day 5: Acceptance of the inevitable


Day 6: SO TODAY I LOST MY PANTS. Yep, lost a pair of pants because I had to put the pants featured above on for lab and I left my boyfriend jeans somewhere on campus. So moral of the story, an item in my 28 for 28 is going to change…not sure what they will be replaced with yet.


Day 7: My to do list only has two things on it today. What an accomplishment.

Mallory’s Outfits Week Un

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Day 1: I had class and went to a preview of an honors seminar with Abby and then an intramural game to support all of my friends. Then to Whataburger with those friends. A very good time. (Also studied a lot).

Day 2: I took a test this morning that I think I did pretty well on. I got lunch with Jacob and went to class and then to chapter (we got to wear pjs to chapter). I spent quite a bit of time in the band hall just hanging with my friends.

Day 3: A new day, a different test. I had a couple classes, but a very free afternoon of studying and then I had a French test (which went a little better than expected). I also went with Abby to take Jacob to get his haircut, went into Ulta for the first time, and hung out with some other friends.

Day 4: I visited Abby at work with a friend, and then all of us explored the shops that the Fayetteville square had to offer. The moss on the wall I’m in front of is part of my friend’s senior honors thesis which is very cool. I also got to spend some quality girl talk time with Abby and Kat which was very much needed.

P.S. I realize I pose basically the same way in every single one of these pictures but maybe it’s how I look decent enough?? idk I’m just stupid and automatically pose like that ignore me


The Friday Five

  1. I’ve run out of the coffee creamer I bought the day before the semester started. I’m not sure if this means I drink too much coffee or if it means I put too much creamer in the coffee I make. It could also just mean that I didn’t buy a big enough bottle of creamer. Either way, I need to go to the store ASAP.
  2. I got a job interning with Lakewood UMC in Houston, TX this summer!!! I will be working with their youth group (6th through 12th grades) and youth and children’s directors. This also means that I will be going on all of their summer trips. I am super excited to spend the summer telling people how cool Jesus is!!
  3. Abby and Kat have been knitting scarfs and blankets and fun stuff for a while now – they have also been trying to convince me that I should also knit. I held out on my refusal to fully morph into an old lady for a while, but when we were in Hobby Lobby last weekend Abby FINALLY convinced me somehow that buying yarn and knitting needles was a good idea. So I have started knitting a scarf.
  4. I have spent a lot of time this week thinking about my zombie apocalypse plan. This means I have spent a lot of time asking other people what theirs is. It’s really interesting to me what people think will work and if they will take the time to save their family, even if their family is hours away. I would not be traveling all the way back to Texas (sorry Mom and Dad). I also know that without Abby’s help, I would probably be dead in less than 3 days. So shoutout to Abby for keeping me alive in the fake apocalypse.
  5. I am increasingly spending more time with ~percussionists~. I have decided to run a research study on how people who play some sort of drum can’t seem to find a way to keep their hands still. They are always drumming on a table or their lap or sometimes if you’re lucky, an actual drum. It’s almost like they can’t control it. The incessant percussioning (yes I know that isn’t really a word) is really pretty odd.