28 for 28 (the 2017 version of 30 for 30)

Alright, we’re bringing the clothing challenge back. If you weren’t regularly reading our blog when it was first created, this challenge was the first thing that happened way back in April of 2016. Wow so long ago!!

Anyway, we’re doing it again but since we are doing it in February we are only doing 28 pieces of clothing for 28 days. We decided to do it early in the year because colder weather means different clothes which means more entertaining content – right??? We will be keeping the same rules and guidelines as last year, just in case you need a refresher.

What Mallory Will Be Wearing in February

  1. Skinny jeans with holes
  2. Black AE leggings
  3. Black Girlfriend Collective leggings
  4. Heather grey fleece lined AE leggings
  5. Light wash skinny jeans
  6. Dark wash boyfriend jeans
  7. Black skinny jeans
  8. White mock-neck AE sweater
  9. Green sweater
  10. Peanut Butter sweatshirt
  11. Arkansas sweatshirt
  12. Black sleeveless crop top
  13. Plain white t-shirt
  14. Tan/black striped short sleeve
  15. Burgundy/navy striped long sleeve mock-neck
  16. White/black striped turtleneck
  17. Denim half button up
  18. Navy/white checked button up
  19. Teal/black plaid flannel
  20. Gold/blue plaid flannel
  21. Pink cardigan
  22. Maroon cardigan
  23. Purple Nike half-zip
  24. Validate me short sleeve tee
  25. TBS long sleeve tee
  26. Blake Nikes
  27. Adidas superstars
  28. Tan/gold booties

P.S. I am really trying to be better about making different outfits and putting effort everyday.

Also my accessories are triangle earrings, diamond-y earrings, black choker, kendra scott necklace, and a gold longer necklace. (Abby agreed that my fitbit and tragus earring don’t count if I never change them so there’s that).

What Abby Will Be Wearing in February

  1. Medium Wash Blue Skinny Jeans
  2. Light Wash Skinny Boyfriend Jeans
  3. Navy Cropped Sweats
  4. Black Leggings
  5. Dark Navy Structured Sweats
  6. Denim Button Down with White Flowers
  7. Gray Oversized Arkansas Sweatshirt
  8. Tan Suede Button Down
  9. Gray Sweatshirt Style Top
  10. Gray and White Sweat Shirt
  11. Black Plaid Babydoll
  12. Light Pink Sweater Cardigan
  13. White Button Down with Navy Coffee Cups
  14. Light Green Long-sleeve shirt
  15. Black and White Stripped Long-sleeve v neck
  16. Emerald Green Turtle Neck
  17. Gold Sheer Top with Navy Trim
  18. Light Pink Patterned Button Down
  19. Red Crop Top
  20. Black almost Metallic Button Down
  21. Gray Flow-y Cardigan
  22. Tight White Striped Long Sleeve
  23. Gray Long-Sleeve Calvin Klein T-shirt
  24. Long Sleeve Periwinkle Specked Shirt
  25. Gray Fratty Sweater
  26. Floral Mens Short Sleeve Button Down
  27. White Hightop Vans
  28. Black Tennis Shoes

P.S. If you can’t tell from my list of clothing, my style for this challenge is channeling Cold and Tired College Student.


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