The Friday Five

  1. I’ve run out of the coffee creamer I bought the day before the semester started. I’m not sure if this means I drink too much coffee or if it means I put too much creamer in the coffee I make. It could also just mean that I didn’t buy a big enough bottle of creamer. Either way, I need to go to the store ASAP.
  2. I got a job interning with Lakewood UMC in Houston, TX this summer!!! I will be working with their youth group (6th through 12th grades) and youth and children’s directors. This also means that I will be going on all of their summer trips. I am super excited to spend the summer telling people how cool Jesus is!!
  3. Abby and Kat have been knitting scarfs and blankets and fun stuff for a while now – they have also been trying to convince me that I should also knit. I held out on my refusal to fully morph into an old lady for a while, but when we were in Hobby Lobby last weekend Abby FINALLY convinced me somehow that buying yarn and knitting needles was a good idea. So I have started knitting a scarf.
  4. I have spent a lot of time this week thinking about my zombie apocalypse plan. This means I have spent a lot of time asking other people what theirs is. It’s really interesting to me what people think will work and if they will take the time to save their family, even if their family is hours away. I would not be traveling all the way back to Texas (sorry Mom and Dad). I also know that without Abby’s help, I would probably be dead in less than 3 days. So shoutout to Abby for keeping me alive in the fake apocalypse.
  5. I am increasingly spending more time with ~percussionists~. I have decided to run a research study on how people who play some sort of drum can’t seem to find a way to keep their hands still. They are always drumming on a table or their lap or sometimes if you’re lucky, an actual drum. It’s almost like they can’t control it. The incessant percussioning (yes I know that isn’t really a word) is really pretty odd.



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