Mallory’s Outfits Week Un

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Day 1: I had class and went to a preview of an honors seminar with Abby and then an intramural game to support all of my friends. Then to Whataburger with those friends. A very good time. (Also studied a lot).

Day 2: I took a test this morning that I think I did pretty well on. I got lunch with Jacob and went to class and then to chapter (we got to wear pjs to chapter). I spent quite a bit of time in the band hall just hanging with my friends.

Day 3: A new day, a different test. I had a couple classes, but a very free afternoon of studying and then I had a French test (which went a little better than expected). I also went with Abby to take Jacob to get his haircut, went into Ulta for the first time, and hung out with some other friends.

Day 4: I visited Abby at work with a friend, and then all of us explored the shops that the Fayetteville square had to offer. The moss on the wall I’m in front of is part of my friend’s senior honors thesis which is very cool. I also got to spend some quality girl talk time with Abby and Kat which was very much needed.

P.S. I realize I pose basically the same way in every single one of these pictures but maybe it’s how I look decent enough?? idk I’m just stupid and automatically pose like that ignore me



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