Abby Day 1-7


Day 1: Look at me. Still so young and optimistic. Little did I know that the week to come would really stink.


Day 2: A U of A music stand featuring me looking thug.


Day 3: How to pose with a pole and not look like a stripper.


Day 4: Smiling because it is the only thing you can do when you can’t feel anything.


Day 5: Acceptance of the inevitable


Day 6: SO TODAY I LOST MY PANTS. Yep, lost a pair of pants because I had to put the pants featured above on for lab and I left my boyfriend jeans somewhere on campus. So moral of the story, an item in my 28 for 28 is going to change…not sure what they will be replaced with yet.


Day 7: My to do list only has two things on it today. What an accomplishment.


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