Babe Thursday: TBS Big Sister Edition

If you haven’t gathered from some previous posts, I am a membership candidate for Tau Beta Sigma. This means I got a Big Sister to help me through the process and basically be my guiding light. This person for me is Alex Honeycutt. Big Little Reveal.jpg

I am really excited that Alex is my big for many reasons. 1) I know she loves to talk and I have been known to talk a little too much so I am sure we won’t be lacking in the conversation department. 2) I know that she is older and wiser than me so hopefully she will help me put my problems into perspective. 3) We are going to have so many fun adventures together. We are both pretty much down for anything so that means lots of hiking and brunch and road trips in the future.

MORE Big Little Reveal.jpg

I am so excited for cultivating our relationship. I know that no matter what, Alex and I will be good friends. So for the potential “babe-ness”, this babe Thursday goes to Alex.


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