The Friday Five

  1. Going home on The Bachelor during a cocktail party has to suck. Those girls have been are breaking up with the guy who they have been dating for weeks (they might even consider him their boyfriend) in front of a ton of their friends/people that are also dating him. The goodbyes have to suck, because they are so quick. Typically when you break up with someone, you have a conversation about it but those women don’t get to do that!! It would suck y’all.
  2. I wish the weather would pick one. This week, it has been up around 70 for two days, and then down below freezing the next. This weekend, the high is supposed to go back up!!! What am I supposed to wear?? How do I guess if I need a coat when the wind is killer?? I’m just annoyed by it, okay.
  3. I haven’t been going to sleep early enough this week. Tuesday I stayed up playing Just Dance with my friends who live in Humphreys until 1 AM. Wednesday I went to an intramural basketball game and then Whataburger, so I didn’t get to sleep until around 1. Yesterday I went to another intramural game and wasn’t in bed until after midnight. Getting not enough sleep is KILLING me during the day.
  4. God bless my father. He had to ship me more contacts from home, and he asked me if I needed anything else. I didn’t really need anything, so I asked him to surprise me with something fun. AND HE INCLUDED SOUR PATCH KIDS AND A WHATABURGER GIFTCARD. He is honestly an amazing man.
  5. I do not spend my flex dollars wisely. We aren’t even a month into school and I only have $28 left from my $120 ish that I started out with. I keep buying coffee and food that I don’t need. I am going to be screwed near the middle and end of the semester.



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