Mallory’s Outfits Week Deux


Day 5

Day 5: I went to church, and then hung out with Abby, Kat, Jacob, Maureen, and Lauren to study. Later, I ate soup and Abby/Kat’s house while we watched Lady Gaga slay her half time show.


Day 6








Day 6: This picture was taken in the tech center, so I guess I spent time studying there with Kevin, Katy, and Andy. Not sure though.


Day 7

Day 7: I was really impressed with myself because I finally wore my booties to class. I also worked and studied and played Just Dance this day. It was long, but very good.


Day 8






Day 8 :  I did typical things like go to class, got dinner with Megan and Abby, went to the library for a few hours, and then to an intramural game.


Day 9

Day 9: I had lots of classes this day. I accidentally fell asleep in my night class, and then I had to go to chapter. Then I went to another intramural game. Because apparently I like watching basketball now.


Day 10: I need to apologize for this being a mirror picture. But I didn’t ever take an actual one. So sorry. But this day was cool, because after class I got tea with one of the coolest people I know, and then I got to study at Onyx with Abby. I also ate Wendy’s.

Day 11: I don’t actually have a picture for this day because I spent the day at Arkansas Area Workshop for TBS and we decided it was a special circumstance day so that I could wear my stitch letter shirt that isn’t a part of my 28/28. Sorry to disappoint. 😦

I’m also literally posing with my arms in 4/6 of these pictures. Someone teach me how to pose in a flattering, not awkward way. I’m begging.



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