Mallory’s Outfits Week Trois

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Day 12: There isn’t a picture for this day because Abby, Kat, and I celebrated Gal-entine’s Day and it was a “special circumstance.” We made breakfast, got ready, studied at Onyx in Springdale, and went to see a live production of The Last Five Years. It was a pretty nice time.

Day 13: I went to class and then to a pancake/waffles for dinner celebration of Gal-entine’s day with TBS/KKY. After that, I went over to Abby’s to do homework and laundry and stay up way too late before sleeping on her couch. What a day.

Day 14: A lazy day because I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before. I went to class and all that fun stuff. After work, Jacob bought Abby and I Valentine’s dinner in the form of Thai food because he is the best friend ever.

Day 15: Class???? I had a geology lab that took way too long to do. I can’t really remember exactly what I did. Oops.

Day 16: A day I found out that one of the people who works at Starbucks knows my name. I promise I don’t even go there that often. I thought.

Day 17: What a stressful day. I went to class, went to work, and wrote the entirety of a paper that was due at 9 PM before I left to go to Texas for South Texas Area Workshop at 4. Not a great day, but I really liked this outfit so I guess it was okay???

Day 18: The day of South Texas workshop. A very good day. I love getting to interact with other brothers and sisters from around the district. I also got to see Julia and Emma Patty – 10/10.

Day 19: We drove back from Texas. I actually got to drive. I also got flipped off on the highway, so I think this officially means that I am an adult. (For the record, he flipped me off for something that was completely not my fault – the people in front of me were not going as fast as the people behind me wanted.)

Day 20: Lots of class, lots of work, lots of studying. I found a new bathroom at work, which was where this was taken. An okay day. I also spent the last of my flex on a dr. pepper icee, so pretty lit.

This was obviously the week of mirror pictures and peace signs. A lot of the mirror pictures happened because I kept forgetting outfit pics were a thing. But it’s fine. I also am posting on a Tuesday instead of a Sunday because this way I can do my final post on like next Wednesday or something. It makes it more even ya know????



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