The Friday Five

  1. The weather in Fayetteville has been really upsetting. Everyday this week it has been pretty and warm and so nice outside, but today it’s chilly and dreary and windy. The weather fluctuating like this has really thrown me off. My body is confused.
  2. I have had lower back pain since November and when it happens there is no position I can sit/stand/lay in that relieves it. This week has been especially bad. It’s really hard me to bend or move into or out of a sitting position. I keep having to ask other people to plug in my chargers or hand me things on the ground and it is a problem. I also can’t bend to fix my hair which is really sad.
  3. This week has been pretty darn stressful. I had a test on Thursday and two on Friday (one hasn’t happened yet). I haven’t gotten enough sleep because I’ve been up studying which makes me even more stressed because I’m tired but I can’t sleep because I have tests. It’s not a cool thing.
  4. I got to go see Abby at work for lunch this afternoon with Alex today! Alex is her big and one of my honorary bigs and it was a good time. Savoy lunch just really hit the spot on this chilly day. I also love tea. 10/10 afternoon avoiding studying.
  5. The band concerts this week have been phenomenal. I am so lucky to go to school with and be friends with the people who make up the bands here. They are so talented.



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