The Friday Five

  1. Apparently, today the blog is a year old. That’s crazy. But also makes sense. I can’t believe I’ve been writing my rambling thoughts and publishing them to the interwebs in blog form for a year. I can’t believe sometimes people other than my parents actually read what Abby and I write. And that’s been going on for a year? Wowie.
  2. OOF. This week has been a high-anxiety week tbh. Coming back from spring break and fun and no school work is hard when you come back to a week with a test and a paper and quizzes and homework and a book to read. That being said, I’m forever grateful for the people in my life who work to make sure I’m doing fine when they know I’m going through a rough time (@ Garret Gardenhire @ Andy Torres @ Abby Patty @ everyone who loves me).
  3. My appetite has been fluctuating again which means on Tuesday I ate 3 bites of pizza, some dry cereal, banana bread, and french fries. I’m just not hungry sometimes, which sucks because I love food. It also sucks because I think I lost a little weight over spring break because my favorite jeans are too big?? I don’t like it.
  4. The book we read for my English class this week was Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih and IT WAS SO GOOD. Like so good I made a sticky note on my laptop dedicated to quotes from it. One of the those quotes that stood out to me reads “The darkness was thick, deep, and basic – not a condition in which light was merely absent; the darkness was now constant, as though light had never existed and the stars in the sky were nothing but rents in an old and tattered garment.” IT IS JUST SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DESCRIPTION OF THE NIGHT OKAY.
  5. (hey if you’re a person – boy or girl – and you feel like you might be leading someone on even if it is accidental maybe don’t do it because it really sucks to be led on and you don’t want the person you’re leading on to get mad at you or be hurt by it just be careful with other people’s feelings okay that concludes mallory’s short segment on relationship advice)



The Saturday Six

LOL I’m a day late but I wanted to recap our D.C. spring break road trip I’m sorry okay!!!!

  1. We left at midnight on Friday the 17th which we know was a little stupid, but it was actually the best idea of our lives. I have never been happier than when I was driving at 4 AM screaming along to Taylor Swift. Plus it meant we had all day that Saturday to do what we wanted to get done in Nashville. We got good breakfast, drank a lot of coffee, shopped – it was a good time. Then we ate the super awesome ramen that Abby blogged about that night. I also got to wear my cool pants. A good day. IMG_2561
  2. The amount of public naps we took on this trip was actually ridiculous. That Saturday, we napped in the mall parking lot in the car before we checked into our AirBNB. The next day Abby and I napped on the hill outside of the Tennessee Capitol building. There were naps outside of museums, naps while waiting for prime sunset viewing, naps in the House Gallery while they were in recess. It just seemed like we couldn’t consume enough caffeine to keep us going.
  3. God bless the food Abby found for us to eat on this trip. We probably paid more for food than we did for gas and/or lodging. I do not regret one bite of it. From the yummy ramen to the heckin’ good vegetarian food to the fusion tacos to the Belgian waffles, it was the best food I’ve had in my life. Butcher and Bee in Nashville provided me the best french fries I’ve ever eaten. Open City in D.C. makes a freakin good mocha. 10/10 food occurred on this spring break y’all.IMG_2632
  4. I was on the verge of tears the entire time we were touring the Library of Congress. The art and architecture in that building that recognized authors I’ve studied and lawmakers I respect was just too overwhelming. There were so many book and so many cool stories that our tour guide told us and it was just probably my favorite thing we did on the trip. Definitely made this English major’s heart happy.IMG_2670
  5. I also got to see the scene where the two love interests in my favorite book series meet this week. I know that my favorite book series being the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter is pretty awful for someone who reads so many books, but these books are all about girl power so I am unashamed!!! And I got to see where Zach and Cammie met!!! The start of my favorite Young Adult literature couple!!! I sat on a bench near the exhibit and read the chapters where they meet and it was an experience.
  6. During our tour of the Capitol, we got to meet Congressman Womack. The Congressman is Jacob’s representative and it was really awesome. He took us onto the Speaker’s balcony, where we got the best view of the Washington Monument. We also sat in on a phone call to a radio station where he did an interview about the Republican Healthcare bill. Abby, Jacob, and I were in the building as all of this really cool debate was going on around us and it was just pretty darn awesome y’all. We also explored the city and monuments the night we got into town and it was so awesome. There was barely anyone around and we got to see a drunk girl crying in front of the Lincoln monument and it was an amazing experience.

I honestly still can’t believe we did this road trip without an adult-y adult. It was so good. Stay tuned for some rad vlogs because I got some pretty awesome footage.


Menswear and Munchies: Day 3

This morning we tried to go hiking, but the trail we wanted to do was closed. It’s ok though because we got KRISPY KREME. Trading healthy outdoors for donuts is always a positive thing.


Abby or Jacob? (sorry I can’t hold a donut in front of my face)



From donuts we headed to our nation’s capitol. In the car I read my new book about mammals. Mammals are so cool.


Check out this Mac Jr. It’s got extra pickles. So gourmet.


WE FINALLY MADE IT TO D.C.. Based off Sam’s recommendation we went to Founding Farmers for dinner. Holy mother, that shit was good.


This was the fluffiest corn bread I have ever eaten. There was fancy butter and maple syrup. Malory didn’t eat it because she isn’t actually southern. I will continue investigating this issue and let yall know how it goes.

The following fuzzy picture shows my main course. First let me tell you about the brussel sprouts. These babies were maple glazed and cooked with bacon. That is heaven in a side dish, let me tell you. The sandwich was roasted veggies with balsamic vinegar and cream cheese. Your girl did not think to ask what veggies would be on the sandwich because 99% of the time I love all veggies. The one exception to that is tomatoes. First of all, they aren’t even veggie so I didn’t really have valid reason to fear. BUT there were tomatoes on this sandwich. And your girl ate them. And enjoyed them???? I am in the middle of an existential crisis because of this. Stay tuned for updates.


Post dinner we explored the mall. At night. It was really awesome because it wasn’t very crowded and there was a drunk girl crying in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Enjoy the pics.


Abby or Jacob?



Abby or Jacob?





Menswear and Munchies: Day 2

We took Jacob to church this morning and while he was loving Jesus, I was loving this scone. I was also finding places to eat in D.C. so that’s gonna be good. To quote Hamilton, “Just you wait.”


Brunch was the star meal of this day. We went to Butcher and Bee in Nashville, a restaurant all about locally sourced food.


This bacon was perfect. Also Mallory was perfect. Not related.


This is whipped feta. Betcha never thought about whipped feta before. You should start thinking about it. It is tasty.


Quote from Mallory about these fries, “These are the best french fries I have ever had.” If you don’t understand the significance of this statement, I am here to tell you Mallory is a french fry connoisseur.


Jacob’s french toast had Blood orange cream cheese that was heavenly. My sandwich had the amazing bacon, fried avocados (how do you even do that?), egg and comeback sauce. I don’t know what comeback sauce is but I do know that I will never comeback from how tasty this sandwich was. That was a stretch, but at least I tried.


We visited the Tennessee State Capitol and Jacob really enjoyed it. Mallory and I napped on a hill. We also rolled down that hill. It was a good time.


Our dinner was prepared by internationally renowned chef Jacob. These SANDWICHES consisted of peanut butter and bread. Simplicity is key.


We ended our day by watching the sunset in Gatlinburg. Apparently I am really bad at taking pictures of sunsets so I borrowed these pics from Jacob.


Abby or Jacob? Feat. Motel 6


Abby or Jacob? New faceless approach.



Menswear and Munchies: Day 1

Today is the first day of our Spring Break adventure and we spent the entire day in Nashville. I started with a sweet potato and white chocolate chip muffin. The “Local Latte” was much needed since we drove through the night to make it Nashville by morning. IMG_2560-2.JPG


We visited the Parthenon and started a segment I like to call “Abby or Jacob?” Who is who? Does it matter?


Our gourmet lunch consisted of shitty mall Chinese food. This is an underrated delicacy but I’m not gonna go into details. Use your imagination.




We put on our cute clothes and got a random person to take a picture of us in preparation for the most amazing meal of our life.


We started with some sushi and you can see how excited Mallory is. This sushi had pickles and salmon and avocado so basically it was a dance party in your mouth.


Then came the RAMEN. Ok so this ramen was so delicious. Like so freakin’ tasty. Here are some quotes from real life people who ate this ramen.

“I could eat only this broth for the rest of my life” – Mallory

“It made me tingly” – Jacob

“This ramen made me more giddy than any boy ever could.” -Abby

Basically the pork belly and broth and egg and mushrooms and all the other ingredients in between made this ramen a life changing experience. If you get the chance to go to Two Ten Jack in Nashville, do it. Make it happen at any cost. You won’t regret it.


I’m ending this blog post with a few other pictures from our adventures today. #enjoy


Round 2: Abby or Jacob?



The Friday Five

  1. I honestly can’t believe I made it through this week school wise. I had a French test on Wednesday, and two tests on Thursday. I didn’t really get much sleep on Wednesday night because I was up really late studying, but I think it was worth it??? I haven’t gotten back any of the tests, but I felt pretty okay about them so – cool.
  2. I spent Thursday functioning on coffee alone. I really didn’t understand what it was like to be buzzing with caffeine until yesterday. I couldn’t stop moving, but I still felt exhausted. I know running on multiple cups of coffee isn’t exactly healthy, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
  3. All of our membership candidates have been initiated!!! We had an initiation on Wednesday, and one on Thursday to make sure they all made it into the sisTAUhood before spring break. I am so pumped to welcome everyone. I also nerded out a little bit because I can add them all to the Dropbox and other services we use to distribute information and that’s cool for me guys.
  4. I officially have no responsibilities for school or work until the Monday after spring break!!!!! This feels so so good after a very stressful week. Even though I will have assignments due and a test the week we get back, it feels like years away which is a really good thing for my mental health at the moment.
  5. WE LEAVE FOR WASHINGTON D.C. AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. I am packed and ready to go. Just one French class stands in between me and being free for a week. I can’t wait to road trip with two of my best friends. I am very excited. It will be a good time. Plus I’m going to try to vlog the trip, so watch out for videos sometimes maybe?????

The Friday Five

  1. I have three tests next week, so I can’t even look forward to spring break being SO SOON. I have to worry about studying for French, and Comparative Politics, and MLIT. It’s honestly so cruel of my professors to do this to me.
  2. My family will be in Fayetteville all weekend, which means I have to entertain them all weekend. I really have no clue what to do with them. Where will we eat all of our meals?? What will we do to hang out?? Is there really anything left in NWA that we haven’t already done as a family??
  3. I’ve always said that if I get to be 27 without any serious prospects for marriage, I will go on The Bachelor. I honestly don’t know how this would work out, because at the moment I can barely be bothered to fix my hair on a daily basis and I hate wearing heels. Would these be quirky things, or deal breakers???
  4. Speaking of The Bachelor, I’m really excited for the finale on Monday. I really want Raven to win, but I would be okay with Vanessa getting the final rose too. I’m also REAL PUMPED for Rachel to be the next bachelorette. This franchise is stepping up you guys.
  5. What does one wear when they are being super tourist-y in Washington, D.C.??? I have no clue where to start when packing for spring break, which is a problem. I hate packing because I ALWAYS forget something, which sucks.

The Friday Five

  1. Ed Sheeran’s new album is full of bops y’all. I am so pumped it’s out and I can listen to it and I can’t wait to learn all of the words to all of the songs. Lorde’s new single was also released yesterday and it is also a total bop. This week was good for music.
  2. My friends invested in The Voting Game to keep at Abby’s house so that when we end up there late into the night we have something to entertain us. I think it was a good decision – but I hate what the outcome of the votes say about me even though I know that they were all pretty accurate.
  3. This week wasn’t as packed full of school as last week, but it still somehow managed to be just as stressful. FUN TIMES.
  4. I gave up Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for Lent. Which started two days ago. I am already on the struggle bus. I’m making a blog post of all the things that I think that I would tweet that will be published at the end of Lent. Stay tuned!!!
  5. Every day I am so thankful for the people that have come into my life this past school year. I have made so many invaluable friendships and it’s really cool. Just thought I would say that. I love my friends.

This is WEIRDD: February 2017


Mallory: check out all of the outfit posts if you really wanna know guys. There’s been one once a week – I’m not detailing it all here. Sorry bout it.

Abby: Well… once i stopped doing the challenge i started wearing more tshirts…


Mallory: Lots of pasta!! Plain pasta is back in Brough and it’s my favorite go-to. Because I’m a literal child, I struggle with consistently finding cafeteria food I enjoy – pasta solves this most of the time.

Abby: I made this some quinoa fried rice style and it has been giving me life. I love quinoa and I love Asian food so it is basically the perfect meal for me.

Impressed By

Mallory: Meghan Rienks. Meghan is a Youtuber who I have watched for a reallllyyyy long time. I admire the way that she speaks as openly as she can about the things that are important to her. She also recently donated all of the money she made from a certain brand deal to Planned Parenthood and that IS VERY AWESOME.

Abby: My MC sisters. Everyone is working really hard to get through process and that’s super cool.


Mallory: Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham was my book of the month this month. I really did enjoy this book. Learning about Lauren Graham’s life was super cool. The book was written in a kinda weird way, so it was sort of hard for me to get through – but I promise it was a good read! It was especially cool for me to read the chapter she wrote when she watched all of Gilmore Girls. It was also to read her take on dating, especially dating a co-star who plays her brother on Parenthood. Honestly about a 8/10 book – read it if you’re at all interested to know more about Lauren Graham’s life.

Abby: Articles about the Temporomandibular Joint


Mallory: I have been very into the band LANY lately. Their stuff is super catchy and their lyrics are really nice. Also they are the only band I listened to while studying for my Comparative Politics test last week so they’re pretty good to study to. Very easy listening, ya know?

Abby: Wild Child released their Pandora sessions on Spotify and they are lovely.


Mallory: too much studying!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!! not enough sleeping!!!!!!!11!!!!!111!!!1

Abby: tryna make it through, ya know? February is my worst month this semester in terms of tests and papers due so surviving has been quite a feat.

Mallory’s Outfits Week Quatre

Day 21: I only wore this during the day, because I had a band concert that night. After the concert I got Andy’s with my friends and then we hung out at Abby’s until like 2 AM. It was a good night – but I really should have been studying.

Day 22: I feel like all I did this day was study. I literally only remember that and going to an executive council meeting. I had a test the next day and two the day after that so I felt just like the trash I’m pictured on top of.

Day 23: I took a test, went to a lot of class, and then had chapter. Pretty decent day??? I studied a lot this day too. Also Whataburger sometime that night. I think.

Day 24: I took two tests!!! I also got lunch with Alex (my honorary big) at Savoy and went to see Lego Batman with a bunch of the MCs before going back to Abby’s with them and Jacob. Lots of fun.

Day 25: I slept till 2 PM. It was much needed. Then I got Savoy with Garret (a MC for Kappa Kappa Psi). I also watched his horror movie from high school with a few other people later before we went to IHOP to meet some other friends. Good stuff.

Day 26: I went to church with my friend Megan, went to the library, and then the Joint Ceremony for the MC’s. I also hung out with Andy and Kevin in the tech center, so s/o to Andy Torres for this great pic.

Day 27: Um I think I went to class and work?? I also spent a couple of hours in the library.

Day 28: I’M DONE. I just went to class today. I was really upset because I had a great outfit in mind but then it was too warm out for it. Sad times dude.

Okay so as a recap, I feel like this challenge was a lot more successful than the one we did last April – at least for me. I was more creative with my outfits because I limited myself a lot more. I think it was a good thing to do, but I am really glad to be able to wear my favorite sweatshirt tomorrow. Thanks for reading about my clothing choices for a month.