Mallory’s Outfits Week Quatre

Day 21: I only wore this during the day, because I had a band concert that night. After the concert I got Andy’s with my friends and then we hung out at Abby’s until like 2 AM. It was a good night – but I really should have been studying.

Day 22: I feel like all I did this day was study. I literally only remember that and going to an executive council meeting. I had a test the next day and two the day after that so I felt just like the trash I’m pictured on top of.

Day 23: I took a test, went to a lot of class, and then had chapter. Pretty decent day??? I studied a lot this day too. Also Whataburger sometime that night. I think.

Day 24: I took two tests!!! I also got lunch with Alex (my honorary big) at Savoy and went to see Lego Batman with a bunch of the MCs before going back to Abby’s with them and Jacob. Lots of fun.

Day 25: I slept till 2 PM. It was much needed. Then I got Savoy with Garret (a MC for Kappa Kappa Psi). I also watched his horror movie from high school with a few other people later before we went to IHOP to meet some other friends. Good stuff.

Day 26: I went to church with my friend Megan, went to the library, and then the Joint Ceremony for the MC’s. I also hung out with Andy and Kevin in the tech center, so s/o to Andy Torres for this great pic.

Day 27: Um I think I went to class and work?? I also spent a couple of hours in the library.

Day 28: I’M DONE. I just went to class today. I was really upset because I had a great outfit in mind but then it was too warm out for it. Sad times dude.

Okay so as a recap, I feel like this challenge was a lot more successful than the one we did last April – at least for me. I was more creative with my outfits because I limited myself a lot more. I think it was a good thing to do, but I am really glad to be able to wear my favorite sweatshirt tomorrow. Thanks for reading about my clothing choices for a month.



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