This is WEIRDD: February 2017


Mallory: check out all of the outfit posts if you really wanna know guys. There’s been one once a week – I’m not detailing it all here. Sorry bout it.

Abby: Well… once i stopped doing the challenge i started wearing more tshirts…


Mallory: Lots of pasta!! Plain pasta is back in Brough and it’s my favorite go-to. Because I’m a literal child, I struggle with consistently finding cafeteria food I enjoy – pasta solves this most of the time.

Abby: I made this some quinoa fried rice style and it has been giving me life. I love quinoa and I love Asian food so it is basically the perfect meal for me.

Impressed By

Mallory: Meghan Rienks. Meghan is a Youtuber who I have watched for a reallllyyyy long time. I admire the way that she speaks as openly as she can about the things that are important to her. She also recently donated all of the money she made from a certain brand deal to Planned Parenthood and that IS VERY AWESOME.

Abby: My MC sisters. Everyone is working really hard to get through process and that’s super cool.


Mallory: Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham was my book of the month this month. I really did enjoy this book. Learning about Lauren Graham’s life was super cool. The book was written in a kinda weird way, so it was sort of hard for me to get through – but I promise it was a good read! It was especially cool for me to read the chapter she wrote when she watched all of Gilmore Girls. It was also to read her take on dating, especially dating a co-star who plays her brother on Parenthood. Honestly about a 8/10 book – read it if you’re at all interested to know more about Lauren Graham’s life.

Abby: Articles about the Temporomandibular Joint


Mallory: I have been very into the band LANY lately. Their stuff is super catchy and their lyrics are really nice. Also they are the only band I listened to while studying for my Comparative Politics test last week so they’re pretty good to study to. Very easy listening, ya know?

Abby: Wild Child released their Pandora sessions on Spotify and they are lovely.


Mallory: too much studying!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!! not enough sleeping!!!!!!!11!!!!!111!!!1

Abby: tryna make it through, ya know? February is my worst month this semester in terms of tests and papers due so surviving has been quite a feat.


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