The Friday Five

  1. I have three tests next week, so I can’t even look forward to spring break being SO SOON. I have to worry about studying for French, and Comparative Politics, and MLIT. It’s honestly so cruel of my professors to do this to me.
  2. My family will be in Fayetteville all weekend, which means I have to entertain them all weekend. I really have no clue what to do with them. Where will we eat all of our meals?? What will we do to hang out?? Is there really anything left in NWA that we haven’t already done as a family??
  3. I’ve always said that if I get to be 27 without any serious prospects for marriage, I will go on The Bachelor. I honestly don’t know how this would work out, because at the moment I can barely be bothered to fix my hair on a daily basis and I hate wearing heels. Would these be quirky things, or deal breakers???
  4. Speaking of The Bachelor, I’m really excited for the finale on Monday. I really want Raven to win, but I would be okay with Vanessa getting the final rose too. I’m also REAL PUMPED for Rachel to be the next bachelorette. This franchise is stepping up you guys.
  5. What does one wear when they are being super tourist-y in Washington, D.C.??? I have no clue where to start when packing for spring break, which is a problem. I hate packing because I ALWAYS forget something, which sucks.

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