The Friday Five

  1. I honestly can’t believe I made it through this week school wise. I had a French test on Wednesday, and two tests on Thursday. I didn’t really get much sleep on Wednesday night because I was up really late studying, but I think it was worth it??? I haven’t gotten back any of the tests, but I felt pretty okay about them so – cool.
  2. I spent Thursday functioning on coffee alone. I really didn’t understand what it was like to be buzzing with caffeine until yesterday. I couldn’t stop moving, but I still felt exhausted. I know running on multiple cups of coffee isn’t exactly healthy, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
  3. All of our membership candidates have been initiated!!! We had an initiation on Wednesday, and one on Thursday to make sure they all made it into the sisTAUhood before spring break. I am so pumped to welcome everyone. I also nerded out a little bit because I can add them all to the Dropbox and other services we use to distribute information and that’s cool for me guys.
  4. I officially have no responsibilities for school or work until the Monday after spring break!!!!! This feels so so good after a very stressful week. Even though I will have assignments due and a test the week we get back, it feels like years away which is a really good thing for my mental health at the moment.
  5. WE LEAVE FOR WASHINGTON D.C. AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. I am packed and ready to go. Just one French class stands in between me and being free for a week. I can’t wait to road trip with two of my best friends. I am very excited. It will be a good time. Plus I’m going to try to vlog the trip, so watch out for videos sometimes maybe?????

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