Menswear and Munchies: Day 2

We took Jacob to church this morning and while he was loving Jesus, I was loving this scone. I was also finding places to eat in D.C. so that’s gonna be good. To quote Hamilton, “Just you wait.”


Brunch was the star meal of this day. We went to Butcher and Bee in Nashville, a restaurant all about locally sourced food.


This bacon was perfect. Also Mallory was perfect. Not related.


This is whipped feta. Betcha never thought about whipped feta before. You should start thinking about it. It is tasty.


Quote from Mallory about these fries, “These are the best french fries I have ever had.” If you don’t understand the significance of this statement, I am here to tell you Mallory is a french fry connoisseur.


Jacob’s french toast had Blood orange cream cheese that was heavenly. My sandwich had the amazing bacon, fried avocados (how do you even do that?), egg and comeback sauce. I don’t know what comeback sauce is but I do know that I will never comeback from how tasty this sandwich was. That was a stretch, but at least I tried.


We visited the Tennessee State Capitol and Jacob really enjoyed it. Mallory and I napped on a hill. We also rolled down that hill. It was a good time.


Our dinner was prepared by internationally renowned chef Jacob. These SANDWICHES consisted of peanut butter and bread. Simplicity is key.


We ended our day by watching the sunset in Gatlinburg. Apparently I am really bad at taking pictures of sunsets so I borrowed these pics from Jacob.


Abby or Jacob? Feat. Motel 6


Abby or Jacob? New faceless approach.




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