Menswear and Munchies: Day 3

This morning we tried to go hiking, but the trail we wanted to do was closed. It’s ok though because we got KRISPY KREME. Trading healthy outdoors for donuts is always a positive thing.


Abby or Jacob? (sorry I can’t hold a donut in front of my face)



From donuts we headed to our nation’s capitol. In the car I read my new book about mammals. Mammals are so cool.


Check out this Mac Jr. It’s got extra pickles. So gourmet.


WE FINALLY MADE IT TO D.C.. Based off Sam’s recommendation we went to Founding Farmers for dinner. Holy mother, that shit was good.


This was the fluffiest corn bread I have ever eaten. There was fancy butter and maple syrup. Malory didn’t eat it because she isn’t actually southern. I will continue investigating this issue and let yall know how it goes.

The following fuzzy picture shows my main course. First let me tell you about the brussel sprouts. These babies were maple glazed and cooked with bacon. That is heaven in a side dish, let me tell you. The sandwich was roasted veggies with balsamic vinegar and cream cheese. Your girl did not think to ask what veggies would be on the sandwich because 99% of the time I love all veggies. The one exception to that is tomatoes. First of all, they aren’t even veggie so I didn’t really have valid reason to fear. BUT there were tomatoes on this sandwich. And your girl ate them. And enjoyed them???? I am in the middle of an existential crisis because of this. Stay tuned for updates.


Post dinner we explored the mall. At night. It was really awesome because it wasn’t very crowded and there was a drunk girl crying in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Enjoy the pics.


Abby or Jacob?



Abby or Jacob?






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