The Saturday Six

LOL I’m a day late but I wanted to recap our D.C. spring break road trip I’m sorry okay!!!!

  1. We left at midnight on Friday the 17th which we know was a little stupid, but it was actually the best idea of our lives. I have never been happier than when I was driving at 4 AM screaming along to Taylor Swift. Plus it meant we had all day that Saturday to do what we wanted to get done in Nashville. We got good breakfast, drank a lot of coffee, shopped – it was a good time. Then we ate the super awesome ramen that Abby blogged about that night. I also got to wear my cool pants. A good day. IMG_2561
  2. The amount of public naps we took on this trip was actually ridiculous. That Saturday, we napped in the mall parking lot in the car before we checked into our AirBNB. The next day Abby and I napped on the hill outside of the Tennessee Capitol building. There were naps outside of museums, naps while waiting for prime sunset viewing, naps in the House Gallery while they were in recess. It just seemed like we couldn’t consume enough caffeine to keep us going.
  3. God bless the food Abby found for us to eat on this trip. We probably paid more for food than we did for gas and/or lodging. I do not regret one bite of it. From the yummy ramen to the heckin’ good vegetarian food to the fusion tacos to the Belgian waffles, it was the best food I’ve had in my life. Butcher and Bee in Nashville provided me the best french fries I’ve ever eaten. Open City in D.C. makes a freakin good mocha. 10/10 food occurred on this spring break y’all.IMG_2632
  4. I was on the verge of tears the entire time we were touring the Library of Congress. The art and architecture in that building that recognized authors I’ve studied and lawmakers I respect was just too overwhelming. There were so many book and so many cool stories that our tour guide told us and it was just probably my favorite thing we did on the trip. Definitely made this English major’s heart happy.IMG_2670
  5. I also got to see the scene where the two love interests in my favorite book series meet this week. I know that my favorite book series being the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter is pretty awful for someone who reads so many books, but these books are all about girl power so I am unashamed!!! And I got to see where Zach and Cammie met!!! The start of my favorite Young Adult literature couple!!! I sat on a bench near the exhibit and read the chapters where they meet and it was an experience.
  6. During our tour of the Capitol, we got to meet Congressman Womack. The Congressman is Jacob’s representative and it was really awesome. He took us onto the Speaker’s balcony, where we got the best view of the Washington Monument. We also sat in on a phone call to a radio station where he did an interview about the Republican Healthcare bill. Abby, Jacob, and I were in the building as all of this really cool debate was going on around us and it was just pretty darn awesome y’all. We also explored the city and monuments the night we got into town and it was so awesome. There was barely anyone around and we got to see a drunk girl crying in front of the Lincoln monument and it was an amazing experience.

I honestly still can’t believe we did this road trip without an adult-y adult. It was so good. Stay tuned for some rad vlogs because I got some pretty awesome footage.



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