The Friday Five

  1. Apparently, today the blog is a year old. That’s crazy. But also makes sense. I can’t believe I’ve been writing my rambling thoughts and publishing them to the interwebs in blog form for a year. I can’t believe sometimes people other than my parents actually read what Abby and I write. And that’s been going on for a year? Wowie.
  2. OOF. This week has been a high-anxiety week tbh. Coming back from spring break and fun and no school work is hard when you come back to a week with a test and a paper and quizzes and homework and a book to read. That being said, I’m forever grateful for the people in my life who work to make sure I’m doing fine when they know I’m going through a rough time (@ Garret Gardenhire @ Andy Torres @ Abby Patty @ everyone who loves me).
  3. My appetite has been fluctuating again which means on Tuesday I ate 3 bites of pizza, some dry cereal, banana bread, and french fries. I’m just not hungry sometimes, which sucks because I love food. It also sucks because I think I lost a little weight over spring break because my favorite jeans are too big?? I don’t like it.
  4. The book we read for my English class this week was Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih and IT WAS SO GOOD. Like so good I made a sticky note on my laptop dedicated to quotes from it. One of the those quotes that stood out to me reads “The darkness was thick, deep, and basic – not a condition in which light was merely absent; the darkness was now constant, as though light had never existed and the stars in the sky were nothing but rents in an old and tattered garment.” IT IS JUST SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DESCRIPTION OF THE NIGHT OKAY.
  5. (hey if you’re a person – boy or girl – and you feel like you might be leading someone on even if it is accidental maybe don’t do it because it really sucks to be led on and you don’t want the person you’re leading on to get mad at you or be hurt by it just be careful with other people’s feelings okay that concludes mallory’s short segment on relationship advice)



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