The Friday Five

  1. I AM HAVING TROUBLE SLEEPING AND TROUBLE WAKING UP. It is a problem. I keep being very tired and going to bed at a reasonable time, but then laying there I get super anxious for no reason and can’t fall asleep. And then, because I haven’t slept enough at night, when my alarm rings the next morning I turn it off and then accidentally sleep an extra hour and don’t have enough time for coffee or anything that I typically do in the morning.
  2. I am so ready for finals to be over. I only have one more week of real classes left. I can make it. Maybe. I have so many assignments due and tests and also I need to pack to move out of the dorm and I also have friends I want to hang out with?????????
  3. The weather has been so darn gross this week. I need to stop raining and be warm outside. It’s spring and I want it to feel like spring. (Honestly the only plus side of this is that the spring game that the band typically has to play at has been closed to the public so I don’t have to do that tomorrow anymore which is exciting cause that mean I have more time to do homework!!!!)
  4. So my love language is physical touch. And when I get into new friendships, I have trouble establishing lines. Like at what point can I hug you. When can I scratch your back. This is a problem for me because I love new people and making new friends and I do it a lot and then I don’t know the lines that are drawn and then I don’t know what to do???????
  5. I haven’t gone to Savoy in so long and I am very sad about it. Hopefully I’m gunna go later today and then I can get my caffeine fix from a matcha. But tea is a very important in my life and my consumption of tea has been lacking.



The Friday Five

  1. This week I got a paper turned in two days early. I don’t know what made me be that productive early on in the week, but it happened. It felt reeeaaal weird to be on top of assignments instead of overwhelmed, but that didn’t last very long because I have a couple other papers due next week, plus tests the next week. The end of the semester is near and I am not mentally prepared.
  2. I am really upset that it’s rainy and gross outside tomorrow. I was supposed to go hiking with some friends because it’s Earth Day, but it looks like we’ll just be studying all day. Which is more productive than hiking, but way less fun.
  3. It’s officially spring, so I’ve broken out the blue nail polish. Although I was way lazy by the time it got to painting my toenails, so they look not good. I can clean it up later or something, right??
  4. I have been a little sick all week, which has not been fun. I felt so bad Tuesday morning that I slept through my favorite class this semester. I feel like, better, but I still have a cough??? I am sad about this. I hate not being in top notch health.
  5. GUYS. I am the Psi chapter of Tau Beta Sigma’s 2017/2018 Vice President of Membership Education. I am so so so excited to serve my chapter in this way. I have wanted to run for this position since before I was fully initiated, so I am beyond excited. I feel so honored to have been voted into this position, and I am exponentially grateful. It’s so awesome to be a part of such a supportive organization.


Tweets from Lent

I decided to give up Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for Lent – so I’m making this post of all the things I want to tweet over the next 40 days.

3/1 1:41 PM – i decided to give up twitter approx. 3 hours ago and i already don’t know what to do with myself

3/1 2:13 PM – every day i debate skipping French but then i remember how bad of an idea that would be but i still dont want to go

3/2 11:03 AM – biggest regret of the morning: seeing someone wearing a clothes over bros sweatshirt on campus and not proclaiming myself her friend

3/2 11:34 PM – i did laundry on tuesday and still havent folded the clothes. i promise im a successful adult, im just a busy successful adult.

3/3 12:29 PM – someone’s parents from hooks hs gave hooks hs my phone number and i get a phone call about how said person is missing school at least once every two weeks

3/3 2:54 PM – today i frat snapped

3/4 5:47 PM – Perfect by Ed Sheeran is actually the sweetest song ever

3/4 7:29 PM – i am so restless tonight bc i have zero plans and no social media to scroll

3/4 9:52 PM – i am in a crappy mood & want to hang out with my friends but they all have plans w/o me

3/4 10:54 PM – i love Adam Scott with my whole heart

3/6 11:08 AM – i dont think ive listened to anything other than divide since it came out

3/6 5:55 PM – today has been A Monday

3/7 2:48 PM – should i a. work on plsc essay b. study english (this would be a five minute poll)

3/8 5:39 PM – “we’re not gunna die and anyway how upset would u be if we did? u wouldnt, bc u would be dead”

3/8 10:27 PM – i just decided to paint my toenails before bed bc i want to wear chacos tomorrow

3/8 11:53 PM – i want a just between us sign

3/10 10:44 PM – restarted one tree hill aka i hate myself

3/11 8:43 PM – saw my plsc prof on a date at Hugo’s while i was eating w fam and im freaked out

3/14 10:14 PM – the spotify this is: *insert artist here* playlists are blessings lemme tell ya

3/14 10:33 PM – troix examen dans un semaine est tres mauvais

3/14 10:54 PM – i could either study plsc or leave the lib and go to bed a) study for like 30 min b) go to sleep

3/14 11:07 PM – only 2 days into a week w 3 tests and i already have a blister on my finger from writing

3/16 12:24 AM – halfway through the terms i have to know by 9:30 tomorrow morning!!!!

3/19 9:13 AM – the happiest i’ve ever been was 5 AM yesterday driving to Nashville blasting Taylor Swift while Jacob and Abby were asleep

3/20 2:59 PM – “i love on ramps bc there are so many varieties of them”

3/23 3:14 PM – the last public nap of the trip occurred in the House gallery – we r poetic

3/26 9:23 AM – “i love these shorts – they make me feel like a mom and that’s kinda my aesthetic”

3/26 7:05 PM – just realized jacob and abby only brought me to DC to take pictures and help caption their instagrams

3/26 7:08 PM – my phone has been on 1% since 2:30 PM – it also lasted an hour on the phone w my mom aka it is a trooper

3/26 7:53 PM – phone finally died still dont have a charger

3/27 8:40 AM – the mug i got at the national gallery of art has a big handle aka it is perfect

3/28 1:16 PM – stay tuned to see if i make it through today alive

3/28 2:41 PM – just spent an hour listening to please be naked by the 1975 on repeat planning next month – a ~wild~ afternoon

3/28 5:57 PM – today has been Stressful but i also have The Best Friends in my life

3/28 11:55 PM – “it’s midnight i should be watching netflix right now”

3/29 2:22 PM – someone should count how many times i watch my own snapchat stories

3/29 6:25 PM – Liability by Lorde is too real but also so good whoops

3/29 6:28 PM – sometimes i hate myself for enjoying Sam Hunt’s music

3/29 6:46 PM – my focus is nonexistent this week and that is a Bad Thing

3/30 11:18 AM – how nerdy would it be if i made the west wing theme song my ringtone

4/2 6:11 PM – should i order tapingo or eat mac n cheese a) treat yo self b) save yo money

4/2 6:22 PM – if i counted how many times i put something in my tapingo cart and then decide not to buy it i would need more than two hands

4/3 11:55 PM – i have loved @milesdheizer for years bc of parenthood and he is rockin this role in 13 reasons why

4/4 10:38 AM – i cant get over how well they cast 13 reasons why

4/4 12:00 PM – the soundtrack to 13 reasons why is lit as heck also i approve of the changes they made from the book just fun facts

4/4 12:17 PM – the guy in my mlit class that openly wears earbuds and works on other homework the entire class is my hero

4/6 10:21 AM – i have replied to at least 12 peoples snapchat stories with “amazing” since monday bc it fits every situation

4/6 11:55 AM – note to self: don’t listen to podcasts when walking around campus alone..people give u funny looks when u laugh out loud

4/7 12:02 PM – why do people sleep on Tenerife Sea

4/7 10:15 PM – i finished 13 reasons why on netflix at 2 today – since then i’ve reread the entire book…why am i like this

4/9 5:08 PM – i am amazed that brass instruments can make so many different sounds w only 3-4 keys…how is this a thing

4/10 7:23 PM – i just spent 20 minutes creating 5 spotify playlists…i h8 me

4/11 9:16 AM – passed a guy wearing a t shirt that read “a film by kirk” – amazing

4/11 9:17 AM – someone is listening to taylor swift VERY LOUD through headphones before class – i luv it

4/11 9:21 AM – looking at the tweets from past years OAP on my timehop makes me so nostalgic also it makes me cry

4/11 10:58 AM – i was looking forward to my brough salad but then the ranch sucked aka another reason to never have brough expectations – they always let u down

4/11 5:35 PM – the ac is back on in da Gib bless

4/11 5:21 PM – where is my focus sos i need it

4/13 1:57 AM – “u know what’s weird? sleep..can u just imagine people closing their eyes at around the same time + just the action of sleeping”

4/13 9:22 AM – “i’ve just been realizing so much about myself since i started watching New Girl”

4/13 11:16 AM – im choosing to believe that the microwave popcorn im allergic to being included in the Easter basket my parents sent me is a joke

4/13 12:27 PM – there’s a dude bro in my mlit class that has a sunglasses cord that reads “arkansas zta” holding his irl glasses

4/15 2:49 PM – God bless Megan Beard

4/15 2:52 PM – would it be creepy or amazing if we could see what other people were watching on Netflix like we can see what they’re listening to on Spotify

4/15 4:05 PM – i’ve been trying to do school work for two hours and feel like i have gotten literally NOTHING done

4/15 7:15 PM – i waste so much food bc i run out of ranch to dip it in

The Saturday Six

I’m a day late. I know I suck as a person but I was in a very unproductive funk yesterday. I’m striving to be better today. Which means I’m writing this post to procrastinate actual school work. Go figure.

  1. I hate whoever created and designed Exel. It is probably the worst program I have ever tried to work with. Also, I could just be an idiot. I have never felt stupider than when I was trying to get work done for using Exel for my Geology lab. So maybe the problem isn’t Exel, it’s just me??
  2. I spent an hour this week curating playlists on my Spotify. Like, I made five new playlists just so I never have to listen to anything but the music I want to again. I am a gross human being. I don’t even pay for Spotify??? There’s something wrong with me.
  3. There are typically 14 people in my Elementary French II class, but yesterday only 5 of us showed up. I know it’s Easter weekend, and people went home and stuff, but seriously guys??? French is fun. Plus we got our tests back and guess who made a B??? ME. That’s the highest grade I’ve ever made on a French exam. I am so proud of myself.
  4. This week makes two in a row that I watched the entirety of a show that’s on Netflix. To be fair, they’re both shows that only have one season up, but that’s still a lot of binge time I could have been productive. Last week, I was HOOKED on 13 Reasons Why (which is insanely good) and this week I needed something happy, so I watched Life In Pieces. 10/10 would recommend.
  5. Speaking of “10/10 would recommend,” I want to know what you think that means. I feel like there is a dichotomy to it. Because it could mean that 10 out of 10 people would recommend it, but it could also mean I am rating it on a scale out of 10 and I personally would recommend it. This is something I’ve been contemplating all week. Just fun facts.
  6. TOMORROW I GET TO GET BACK ON SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s been 40 days since I’ve tweeted. 40 days since I posted a boomerang on Instagram. I am so excited, but I also feel like this social media fast has been really good for me. I’ve focused more on myself, which is really cool. But at the same time, I think it was kinda bad for me?? Being disconnected from social media made me feel very disconnected from my friends which wasn’t really good for my mental health. So like – it was good but it wasn’t??? Like, I don’t think I could do it again. But it was okay while it lasted?


The Friday Five

  1. Do y’all think there’s a science behind when we get songs stuck in our head? I get so confused because I will wake up with a song I haven’t listened to in days repeatedly running through my mind – like Tuesday I woke up with “Shiny” from Moana stuck in my head and I haven’t actually listened to that song since last Saturday. Wut to hek man?????
  2. What is Ed Sheeran going to name his fifth album?? Obviously the fourth one will be “Subtract” because that’s the only basic match symbol left, but where does he go from there?? Does it mean that he won’t write anymore albums after the fourth one?? I don’t think I’m okay with there only being four Ed Sheeran albums. I also don’t think that he actually cares what I’m okay with, but oh well.
  3. Have you ever thought about how the “i before e except after c” rule is bull crap?? Do you know how many words break this rule??? Probably just as many as the ones that follow it. Teaching children this rule needs to stop – it leads to misspelling “weird” for the rest of their lives.
  4. Why is waking up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so much harder for me than it is on Tuesday and Thursday??? My alarm is set for the same time everyday, but when it rings on MWF I turn it off and then sleep for another hour – at least that’s been what happens the last two weeks. I still get to class on time, but I don’t have time to make coffee or social media scroll and that’s really sad.
  5. How did the adaptation of 13 Reasons Why somehow make it better than the book?? I was worried that it would ruin a really good thing, but all of the changes made to make it better for TV are good changes. I’ve read this book like 20 times, so I obviously really enjoy it and Netflix did a great job with the series. The cast is gold, the music is all bops, and watching it is genuinely entertaining. I highly recommend reading the book, and then binging the series.


This is WEIRDD: March 2017


Mallory: Coming off of the clothing challenge, all I wanted to live in were comfy clothes. Sweatshirts and leggings and t-shirts. I also realized I really need to clean out my drawers because I own too many clothes. Stay tuned to see if that realization actually leads to anything.

Abby: I have been wearing Kyle.


Mallory: I think my favorite thing I ate this month was the french fries from Butcher and Bee in Nashville. They were so so good you guys. Go there. Get the fries. Cry because of how good they are.

Abby: I ate Kyle.

Impressed By

Mallory: Tau Beta Sigma’s newest members!!!! They made it through process. They are now members. They can vote. They can sing the songs. They can wear the letters. It is golden. I am loving it. I’m especially proud of my little, Maureen. She’s a cutie. And a full member. I can’t wait to see what this class does with their time in TBS.

Abby: I am impressed by Kyle. He changed his major and is changing his life.


Mallory: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins was this month’s book of the month and y’all – it was thrilling. The book is told by three different women, all of them pretty unreliable. The book was so confusing up until the very end when it all seemed to make sense. It took me half way through the book to realize that not only were the narrators changing, so were the times that the stories were set in. I so so so recommend this book. I can’t wait to watch the movie to compare the two.

Abby: I read Kyle.


Mallory: 2 things: Ed Sheeran’s new album and One Tree Hill. All I listened to for weeks was Divide. I love every song on that album. I really enjoy it. Also, I started re-watching OTH which is my favorite tv show of all time. I love crappy drama. It is my favorite thing.

Abby: Downloaded some sweet Kyle.


Mallory: Road trip road trip road trip. Driving. Sleeping. Eating good food. Getting tired of spending time with my two best friends. Longing to be home. Loving my life. Loving those friends. Ya know, the usual.

Abby: …