The Friday Five

  1. Do y’all think there’s a science behind when we get songs stuck in our head? I get so confused because I will wake up with a song I haven’t listened to in days repeatedly running through my mind – like Tuesday I woke up with “Shiny” from Moana stuck in my head and I haven’t actually listened to that song since last Saturday. Wut to hek man?????
  2. What is Ed Sheeran going to name his fifth album?? Obviously the fourth one will be “Subtract” because that’s the only basic match symbol left, but where does he go from there?? Does it mean that he won’t write anymore albums after the fourth one?? I don’t think I’m okay with there only being four Ed Sheeran albums. I also don’t think that he actually cares what I’m okay with, but oh well.
  3. Have you ever thought about how the “i before e except after c” rule is bull crap?? Do you know how many words break this rule??? Probably just as many as the ones that follow it. Teaching children this rule needs to stop – it leads to misspelling “weird” for the rest of their lives.
  4. Why is waking up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so much harder for me than it is on Tuesday and Thursday??? My alarm is set for the same time everyday, but when it rings on MWF I turn it off and then sleep for another hour – at least that’s been what happens the last two weeks. I still get to class on time, but I don’t have time to make coffee or social media scroll and that’s really sad.
  5. How did the adaptation of 13 Reasons Why somehow make it better than the book?? I was worried that it would ruin a really good thing, but all of the changes made to make it better for TV are good changes. I’ve read this book like 20 times, so I obviously really enjoy it and Netflix did a great job with the series. The cast is gold, the music is all bops, and watching it is genuinely entertaining. I highly recommend reading the book, and then binging the series.



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