The Saturday Six

I’m a day late. I know I suck as a person but I was in a very unproductive funk yesterday. I’m striving to be better today. Which means I’m writing this post to procrastinate actual school work. Go figure.

  1. I hate whoever created and designed Exel. It is probably the worst program I have ever tried to work with. Also, I could just be an idiot. I have never felt stupider than when I was trying to get work done for using Exel for my Geology lab. So maybe the problem isn’t Exel, it’s just me??
  2. I spent an hour this week curating playlists on my Spotify. Like, I made five new playlists just so I never have to listen to anything but the music I want to again. I am a gross human being. I don’t even pay for Spotify??? There’s something wrong with me.
  3. There are typically 14 people in my Elementary French II class, but yesterday only 5 of us showed up. I know it’s Easter weekend, and people went home and stuff, but seriously guys??? French is fun. Plus we got our tests back and guess who made a B??? ME. That’s the highest grade I’ve ever made on a French exam. I am so proud of myself.
  4. This week makes two in a row that I watched the entirety of a show that’s on Netflix. To be fair, they’re both shows that only have one season up, but that’s still a lot of binge time I could have been productive. Last week, I was HOOKED on 13 Reasons Why (which is insanely good) and this week I needed something happy, so I watched Life In Pieces. 10/10 would recommend.
  5. Speaking of “10/10 would recommend,” I want to know what you think that means. I feel like there is a dichotomy to it. Because it could mean that 10 out of 10 people would recommend it, but it could also mean I am rating it on a scale out of 10 and I personally would recommend it. This is something I’ve been contemplating all week. Just fun facts.
  6. TOMORROW I GET TO GET BACK ON SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s been 40 days since I’ve tweeted. 40 days since I posted a boomerang on Instagram. I am so excited, but I also feel like this social media fast has been really good for me. I’ve focused more on myself, which is really cool. But at the same time, I think it was kinda bad for me?? Being disconnected from social media made me feel very disconnected from my friends which wasn’t really good for my mental health. So like – it was good but it wasn’t??? Like, I don’t think I could do it again. But it was okay while it lasted?



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