Tweets from Lent

I decided to give up Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for Lent – so I’m making this post of all the things I want to tweet over the next 40 days.

3/1 1:41 PM – i decided to give up twitter approx. 3 hours ago and i already don’t know what to do with myself

3/1 2:13 PM – every day i debate skipping French but then i remember how bad of an idea that would be but i still dont want to go

3/2 11:03 AM – biggest regret of the morning: seeing someone wearing a clothes over bros sweatshirt on campus and not proclaiming myself her friend

3/2 11:34 PM – i did laundry on tuesday and still havent folded the clothes. i promise im a successful adult, im just a busy successful adult.

3/3 12:29 PM – someone’s parents from hooks hs gave hooks hs my phone number and i get a phone call about how said person is missing school at least once every two weeks

3/3 2:54 PM – today i frat snapped

3/4 5:47 PM – Perfect by Ed Sheeran is actually the sweetest song ever

3/4 7:29 PM – i am so restless tonight bc i have zero plans and no social media to scroll

3/4 9:52 PM – i am in a crappy mood & want to hang out with my friends but they all have plans w/o me

3/4 10:54 PM – i love Adam Scott with my whole heart

3/6 11:08 AM – i dont think ive listened to anything other than divide since it came out

3/6 5:55 PM – today has been A Monday

3/7 2:48 PM – should i a. work on plsc essay b. study english (this would be a five minute poll)

3/8 5:39 PM – “we’re not gunna die and anyway how upset would u be if we did? u wouldnt, bc u would be dead”

3/8 10:27 PM – i just decided to paint my toenails before bed bc i want to wear chacos tomorrow

3/8 11:53 PM – i want a just between us sign

3/10 10:44 PM – restarted one tree hill aka i hate myself

3/11 8:43 PM – saw my plsc prof on a date at Hugo’s while i was eating w fam and im freaked out

3/14 10:14 PM – the spotify this is: *insert artist here* playlists are blessings lemme tell ya

3/14 10:33 PM – troix examen dans un semaine est tres mauvais

3/14 10:54 PM – i could either study plsc or leave the lib and go to bed a) study for like 30 min b) go to sleep

3/14 11:07 PM – only 2 days into a week w 3 tests and i already have a blister on my finger from writing

3/16 12:24 AM – halfway through the terms i have to know by 9:30 tomorrow morning!!!!

3/19 9:13 AM – the happiest i’ve ever been was 5 AM yesterday driving to Nashville blasting Taylor Swift while Jacob and Abby were asleep

3/20 2:59 PM – “i love on ramps bc there are so many varieties of them”

3/23 3:14 PM – the last public nap of the trip occurred in the House gallery – we r poetic

3/26 9:23 AM – “i love these shorts – they make me feel like a mom and that’s kinda my aesthetic”

3/26 7:05 PM – just realized jacob and abby only brought me to DC to take pictures and help caption their instagrams

3/26 7:08 PM – my phone has been on 1% since 2:30 PM – it also lasted an hour on the phone w my mom aka it is a trooper

3/26 7:53 PM – phone finally died still dont have a charger

3/27 8:40 AM – the mug i got at the national gallery of art has a big handle aka it is perfect

3/28 1:16 PM – stay tuned to see if i make it through today alive

3/28 2:41 PM – just spent an hour listening to please be naked by the 1975 on repeat planning next month – a ~wild~ afternoon

3/28 5:57 PM – today has been Stressful but i also have The Best Friends in my life

3/28 11:55 PM – “it’s midnight i should be watching netflix right now”

3/29 2:22 PM – someone should count how many times i watch my own snapchat stories

3/29 6:25 PM – Liability by Lorde is too real but also so good whoops

3/29 6:28 PM – sometimes i hate myself for enjoying Sam Hunt’s music

3/29 6:46 PM – my focus is nonexistent this week and that is a Bad Thing

3/30 11:18 AM – how nerdy would it be if i made the west wing theme song my ringtone

4/2 6:11 PM – should i order tapingo or eat mac n cheese a) treat yo self b) save yo money

4/2 6:22 PM – if i counted how many times i put something in my tapingo cart and then decide not to buy it i would need more than two hands

4/3 11:55 PM – i have loved @milesdheizer for years bc of parenthood and he is rockin this role in 13 reasons why

4/4 10:38 AM – i cant get over how well they cast 13 reasons why

4/4 12:00 PM – the soundtrack to 13 reasons why is lit as heck also i approve of the changes they made from the book just fun facts

4/4 12:17 PM – the guy in my mlit class that openly wears earbuds and works on other homework the entire class is my hero

4/6 10:21 AM – i have replied to at least 12 peoples snapchat stories with “amazing” since monday bc it fits every situation

4/6 11:55 AM – note to self: don’t listen to podcasts when walking around campus alone..people give u funny looks when u laugh out loud

4/7 12:02 PM – why do people sleep on Tenerife Sea

4/7 10:15 PM – i finished 13 reasons why on netflix at 2 today – since then i’ve reread the entire book…why am i like this

4/9 5:08 PM – i am amazed that brass instruments can make so many different sounds w only 3-4 keys…how is this a thing

4/10 7:23 PM – i just spent 20 minutes creating 5 spotify playlists…i h8 me

4/11 9:16 AM – passed a guy wearing a t shirt that read “a film by kirk” – amazing

4/11 9:17 AM – someone is listening to taylor swift VERY LOUD through headphones before class – i luv it

4/11 9:21 AM – looking at the tweets from past years OAP on my timehop makes me so nostalgic also it makes me cry

4/11 10:58 AM – i was looking forward to my brough salad but then the ranch sucked aka another reason to never have brough expectations – they always let u down

4/11 5:35 PM – the ac is back on in da Gib bless

4/11 5:21 PM – where is my focus sos i need it

4/13 1:57 AM – “u know what’s weird? sleep..can u just imagine people closing their eyes at around the same time + just the action of sleeping”

4/13 9:22 AM – “i’ve just been realizing so much about myself since i started watching New Girl”

4/13 11:16 AM – im choosing to believe that the microwave popcorn im allergic to being included in the Easter basket my parents sent me is a joke

4/13 12:27 PM – there’s a dude bro in my mlit class that has a sunglasses cord that reads “arkansas zta” holding his irl glasses

4/15 2:49 PM – God bless Megan Beard

4/15 2:52 PM – would it be creepy or amazing if we could see what other people were watching on Netflix like we can see what they’re listening to on Spotify

4/15 4:05 PM – i’ve been trying to do school work for two hours and feel like i have gotten literally NOTHING done

4/15 7:15 PM – i waste so much food bc i run out of ranch to dip it in


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