The Friday Five

  1. This week I got a paper turned in two days early. I don’t know what made me be that productive early on in the week, but it happened. It felt reeeaaal weird to be on top of assignments instead of overwhelmed, but that didn’t last very long because I have a couple other papers due next week, plus tests the next week. The end of the semester is near and I am not mentally prepared.
  2. I am really upset that it’s rainy and gross outside tomorrow. I was supposed to go hiking with some friends because it’s Earth Day, but it looks like we’ll just be studying all day. Which is more productive than hiking, but way less fun.
  3. It’s officially spring, so I’ve broken out the blue nail polish. Although I was way lazy by the time it got to painting my toenails, so they look not good. I can clean it up later or something, right??
  4. I have been a little sick all week, which has not been fun. I felt so bad Tuesday morning that I slept through my favorite class this semester. I feel like, better, but I still have a cough??? I am sad about this. I hate not being in top notch health.
  5. GUYS. I am the Psi chapter of Tau Beta Sigma’s 2017/2018 Vice President of Membership Education. I am so so so excited to serve my chapter in this way. I have wanted to run for this position since before I was fully initiated, so I am beyond excited. I feel so honored to have been voted into this position, and I am exponentially¬†grateful. It’s so awesome to be a part of such a supportive organization.



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