The Friday Five

  1. I AM HAVING TROUBLE SLEEPING AND TROUBLE WAKING UP. It is a problem. I keep being very tired and going to bed at a reasonable time, but then laying there I get super anxious for no reason and can’t fall asleep. And then, because I haven’t slept enough at night, when my alarm rings the next morning I turn it off and then accidentally sleep an extra hour and don’t have enough time for coffee or anything that I typically do in the morning.
  2. I am so ready for finals to be over. I only have one more week of real classes left. I can make it. Maybe. I have so many assignments due and tests and also I need to pack to move out of the dorm and I also have friends I want to hang out with?????????
  3. The weather has been so darn gross this week. I need to stop raining and be warm outside. It’s spring and I want it to feel like spring. (Honestly the only plus side of this is that the spring game that the band typically has to play at has been closed to the public so I don’t have to do that tomorrow anymore which is exciting cause that mean I have more time to do homework!!!!)
  4. So my love language is physical touch. And when I get into new friendships, I have trouble establishing lines. Like at what point can I hug you. When can I scratch your back. This is a problem for me because I love new people and making new friends and I do it a lot and then I don’t know the lines that are drawn and then I don’t know what to do???????
  5. I haven’t gone to Savoy in so long and I am very sad about it. Hopefully I’m gunna go later today and then I can get my caffeine fix from a matcha. But tea is a very important in my life and my consumption of tea has been lacking.



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