The Saturday Six

um so I forgot about the fact that yesterday was Friday and didn’t write my weekly post and I’ve written one post per week since the first week of the year so this is me making up for being late

  1. Over the past two days I binged the entire first season of Riverdale because it hit Netflix and I have Fridays and Saturdays off. I loved it. 10/10. Also I really didn’t realize that it would make me fall absolutely in love with Cole Sprouse again. But I have.
  2. The other day I put a random episode of Grey’s Anatomy on the tv for background noise as I scrolled on my phone/laptop. I didn’t realize what episode it was until halfway through and that was when I realized what a mistake I had made. Ten minutes later I was in tears.
  3. So I moved into the house I’m living in for the summer on Tuesday and I have my mom’s car. I literally have never had this much freedom in my life. I don’t have to depend on anyone to take me anywhere. I can go get a milkshake from Sonic at 11 PM if I so please.
  4. Speaking of driving places I so please – I’ve been living here and driving places since Wednesday and I’ve actually gotten places without a map like five times. That’s super cool. I can navigate guys. On my own. WOW.
  5. I realized when unpacking my clothes that I only wear t-shirts in shades of blue, gray, green, and purple. I have a few red ones because woo pig, but why do I only wear the same colors. Do they actually make my eyes look better like I think?? Why do the organizations I’m a part of only make t-shirts in those colors??
  6. GUYS. I am in Houston, driving, because I have started my internship at Lakewood UMC. I’ve only worked two days, but it’s already been so fun. I am so excited about this summer. Stay tuned for more updates. Maybe. Who knows.

The Friday Five

  1. I am officially moved out of da Gib!!! I am home in New Boston for the weekend, and then it’s off to Houston for the summer. I am so pumped about the things ahead of me in the near future, but it’s always bittersweet to leave Fayetteville and all my friends for the summer. The way finals week works, you don’t really know when you are seeing someone for the last time for a few months so you don’t really know when to say goodbye. Which is really weird.
  2. God bless my French professor Cecile. I somehow managed to get an 83% on my French final – this is the highest score I’ve ever made on a French exam. I honestly didn’t pass a test last semester, so to go from that to a B on the final is an amazing feeling. I honestly owe it all to her fantastic teaching. 10/10 would recommend.
  3. The soundtrack of finals week was Carrie & Lowell Live by Sufjan Stevens. It’s honestly all I listened to this week because of 1. how soothing it is and 2. how GOOD it is. I have a newfound love for Sufjan so that’s really exciting.
  4. I realized that I have to find a new place to get matcha while I’m in Houston. I’m honestly really nervous about this because of the bad experience Abby and I had in Nashville during spring break (the matcha latte somehow tasted like play dough). I will keep you updated to see if I am successful.
  5. I am sad because a lot of very important people in my life graduated today or are graduating tomorrow. I am so proud of them and excited to see what they do as they take the next steps in their lives, but I will miss them all so incredibly. It’s weird to be at the point in my life that people are leaving and getting real adult jobs or going to graduate school. I wish them all the happiness in the world!!!!

The Friday Five

  1. This week was a week full of no sleep because I had so many tests and assignments to do, and next week is finals week. I definitely was up so late sometimes that I couldn’t speak coherently. I think it might have paid off, but there is no way to know for sure yet.
  2. TBS/KKY formal was last night, and Abby and I won the “Best Duo” award. So basically the members of TBS think that we spend too much time together and are cute when we talk to each other during chapter.18278313_732140776947597_1955729590864657916_o.jpg
  3. Earlier this semester I asked Carter to be my honorary big brother, and he keeps excluding me from pictures he takes with his family. I FINALLY MADE IT IN ONE!!! (We practice tough love, but I promise we do love each other. I think.)18358662_732143506947324_6738733934854715356_o.jpg
  4. This is Becca and her family loving each other. I was honestly really upset I wasn’t close enough to her to kiss her on the cheek too, so I didn’t really know what to do with my face. 18320768_732140043614337_2860836399842565286_o.jpg
  5. I am known within TBS and all of the friend groups that I am a part of for the amount of tears I shed and the way that I look when I cry. Last night, I spoke on behalf of my honorary big, Natalie, because she is graduating and I am going to miss her so so much, and this picture was captured of some tears. 18237874_732150030280005_3097397287076415315_o.jpg-Mallory


This is WEIRDD: April 2017


Mallory: My white converse. For some reason, I’ve been very into the beat up look that these provide. I’ve had them for over a year (maybe almost two??), so they are super worn in and comfy.

Abby: Rain jackets. It’s pouring here.


Mallory: um I’ve had Wendy’s twice in the past month so Wendy’s??? I am a firm believer that Wendy’s chicken nuggets are the best chicken nuggets and I will fight you if you disagree.

Abby: bacon and mac and cheese.

Impressed By

Mallory: The two GAs that have been conducting the University of Arkansas Concert Band all semester, Derek and Dustin. They have really been able to bring out a whole new side of the Concert Band and we’re pretty good and I love them so…yeah.

Abby: Jacob Maestri. He is so Catholic.


Mallory: The book of April was Almost Adulting by Arden Rose, who is an internet personality. I was so into this book. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it, but guys – Arden did good. This book was funny and refreshing. Arden tackles all those iffy topics like a real big sister should. I do recommend alright. Read it. PLEASE.

Abby: ……my textbooks?????


Mallory: Meghan Rienks new podcast “Don’t Blame Me!” is golden. Meghan is a youtuber that I have been watching for years and I love her so much and it is so cool to see her doing new things. Plus she’s really funny.

Abby: i dont have time to download.


Mallory: Not sleeping enough???? There’s been so much school stress in my life and I honestly don’t even really remember this month so I’m gunna blame that on no sleep. Also I was sick for like two weeks.

Abby: trying to survive this semester