The Saturday Six

um so I forgot about the fact that yesterday was Friday and didn’t write my weekly post and I’ve written one post per week since the first week of the year so this is me making up for being late

  1. Over the past two days I binged the entire first season of Riverdale because it hit Netflix and I have Fridays and Saturdays off. I loved it. 10/10. Also I really didn’t realize that it would make me fall absolutely in love with Cole Sprouse again. But I have.
  2. The other day I put a random episode of Grey’s Anatomy on the tv for background noise as I scrolled on my phone/laptop. I didn’t realize what episode it was until halfway through and that was when I realized what a mistake I had made. Ten minutes later I was in tears.
  3. So I moved into the house I’m living in for the summer on Tuesday and I have my mom’s car. I literally have never had this much freedom in my life. I don’t have to depend on anyone to take me anywhere. I can go get a milkshake from Sonic at 11 PM if I so please.
  4. Speaking of driving places I so please – I’ve been living here and driving places since Wednesday and I’ve actually gotten places without a map like five times. That’s super cool. I can navigate guys. On my own. WOW.
  5. I realized when unpacking my clothes that I only wear t-shirts in shades of blue, gray, green, and purple. I have a few red ones because woo pig, but why do I only wear the same colors. Do they actually make my eyes look better like I think?? Why do the organizations I’m a part of only make t-shirts in those colors??
  6. GUYS. I am in Houston, driving, because I have started my internship at Lakewood UMC. I’ve only worked two days, but it’s already been so fun. I am so excited about this summer. Stay tuned for more updates. Maybe. Who knows.

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