This is WEIRDD: June 2017

i (mallory) almost forgot about this so now here we are writing it late


Mallory: i got some new sandals from target so that i don’t have to wear heels to church on Sunday mornings and i really like them

Abby: The highwaisted mom jeans have returned from the back of my closet.


Mallory: buncha Wendy’s chicken nuggets cause girl those are the best chicken nugs!!!!!!!!

Abby: I made a honey mustard salmon. It was good. Ask Garret.

Impressed By

Mallory: myself cause i’ve knitted a lot and submitted the MEP for TBS and then submitted it again and also cause i’m cool as heck

Abby: Amber Jones. She’s really killing this being an adult thing.


Mallory: “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns” by Mindy Kaling which was way way good cause she’s funny and also “Once and For All” by Sarah Dessen because I LOVE HER and “Always and Forever Lara Jean” by Jenny Han cause it was the final book of the series that i LOVE so yeah i’ve been reading a lot

Abby: Station Eleven. This is the first book I have read in over 2 years that I really enjoyed. It is a sort of post apocalyptic fiction but it doesn’t use the tropes you would expect.


Mallory: David Dobrik’s vlogs have been my jam lately. That kid is doing a hecka job with his youtube career!!!! he’s way funny and you should check him out

Abby: Iconic Girl’s Trip to Nash.


Mallory: werk werk werk werk werk. also lots and lots of target runs. like at least two a week. i think i have a problem.

Abby: Finished my summer class. I am so happy.


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