This is WEIRDD: July 2017


Mallory: um nike shorts. it is really hot in houston so ya girl is just tryna stay cool. i wore the same t shirt for a week when i worked vbs – it was a fun week of not planning outfits.

Abby: Black on black because I have been working all the time.


Mallory: STORYTIME. last week i was dogsitting at my boss’s house and since i had access to a stove and oven i decided to cook myself dinner so i went to my favorite grocery store HEB and bought a box of mac n cheese and a bag of frozen chicken nuggets. and a couple of bottles of sweet tea and a pint of ben n jerrys. AND THE CHECK OUT GIRL COMMENTED ON THE FACT THAT IT LOOKED LIKE A GOOD DINNER. like what. don’t judge me!!!!!

Abby: Preacher’s Son Bentonville AR. Garret took me on a fancy date and I got clams and omg they were so tasty. 10/10 would clam again.

Impressed By

Mallory: is it conceited if i say myself?? i just feel like i have grown a lot this summer and found stuff out about myself. i am like good? at building relationships with students and i am genuinely impressed at that?

Abby: My coworkers. GO SAVOY


Mallory: “Windfall” by Jenifer E. Smith: WOW. what a book. it deals with how a couple of high school teenagers spend the money after they buy a winning lottery ticket. plus there is romance. a good YA read. “The Names They Gave Us” by Emery Lord. GUYS this book. i was floored by it. it like is about a teens faith being challenged at a summer camp with romance and she is finding herself and i cried A LOT. “I See London, I See France” by Sarah Mlynowski was also a good read. it just made me really want to travel and it was very good so yeah the theme of this summer has been YA written by strong women authors. NICE.

Abby: ha.


Mallory: i have been very into podcasts recently. specifically “Don’t Blame Me” with Meghan Rienks, “Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig”, and “The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast”. i like podcasts a whole lot, but what do i do with my hands??? and my eyes??? help me enjoy this more.

Abby: I got a roku! and Buffy is on Hulu.


Mallory: dreading going back to real life??? going on our high school mission trip??? bonding with students i love a whole lot??? missing my friends??? i have had a lot of emotions this month and i have been doing a lot

Abby: I went to Nashville and Texas.