This is WEIRDD: August 2017


Mallory: My very comfortable Adidas superstars. Sometimes I forget I own other shoes, but it is okay…..right????

Abby: my sports bras and tennis shoes have been getting a lot more wear. thanks band.


Mallory: Pretzels have become my staple snack. They are easy to carry around in my backpack and pull out when I wanna eat in class or in the bandhall or ANYWHERE.

Abby: I have been meal-prepping soups. It’s nice.

Impressed By

Mallory: The students I worked with all summer and the members of my home church who helped with Hurricane Harvey clean up last weekend. I so so wished that I could have been there working with them.

Abby: I’m impressed by people who aren’t already tired of this semester.


Mallory: I don’t actually think that I read anything for fun this month, BUT I did read a book a really really enjoyed for class – Wild Seed by Olivia Butler. It is a mix of science/historical fiction and I highly recommend.

Abby: does reading tweets count?



Abby: I have still been just listening to Cleopatra… I’m a creature of habit.


Mallory: SO much. School. Work. Band. TBS. Not enough sleep. It has been a lil hard for me to get into the swing of being back in Fayetteville and at school.

Abby: oh you know, working, banding, schooling. just the usual