Babe Thursday: Lexi Selvera Edition


Lexi Selvera. This lovely woman is a huge part of my life. She inspires me daily to be a better person, a more self-aware person, and a more accepting person. I am so lucky to know her and I don’t know what I would do without her.Image-1

I met Lexi going through process for TBS. At first, she was very quiet but over the course of a few weeks I got to know her and decided she was a really cool person I wanted in my life. Flash forward to Adopt A Band where Lexi comes over and plays cymbals with me. She then asks if she can audition for the Cymbal Line (she plays clarinet). This is the beginning of Lexi being a part of every aspect of my life. GOD FREAKING BLESS. She is so eager about cymbals and she makes me laugh every rehearsal and I just love her for that.IMG_1242.JPG

Lexi is a person I can always count on to support me. I know she’s pretty much down to do anything and I think she enjoys my company?? Or she fakes it well. She makes me laugh and makes me think and she’s just an all around BABE<3 XDXD luv u gurl


P.S. the cute pumpkin patch pics were taken by Amber Sidney Photography. Check her out on facebook!


Babe Thursday: Jacob Maestri Edition

I can’t believe I haven’t done a post for dad yet so here it is.


So I have known Jacob since freshman year. Mallory and I used to spend every night in his dorm room and he loved it. He would have to force us out the door. It was so fun! what a babe.


Since freshman year we have somehow remained friends. It’s amazing that even with how much we piss each other off, we are still besties.


Ok but seriously Jacob is a pretty great dude. We have good conversations and good hangs. I reply. I’m glad he’s in my life and this is why he is babe.


This is WEIRDD: September 2017


Mallory: my tennis shoes and my dinkles cause it’s been a month chock full of band

Abby: My new Tau Beta Sigma hat because then I don’t have to do my hair


Mallory: Tyson Anytizer Chicken Fries and ranch while also drinking Red Diamond Sweet Tea. I’m honestly living 10 year old Mallory’s food dream.

Abby: I’ve really committed to this frozen meal thing. I think October will be a month of cooking again.

Impressed By

Mallory: Megan Beard – somehow we managed to get up and go to church together every single Sunday this month. God bless Megan for keeping me accountable – I don’t know what I would do without her

Abby: Amber Jones is a pretty great chick. Glad she’s a person in my life.


Mallory: I don’t really have time to read for fun. Like at all. BUT I have started the Alexander Hamilton biography that the Broadway musical is based on. It’s slow going. But I am enjoying it.

Abby: articles about bite force and its relation to skull shape


Mallory: I recently discovered Neck Deep. Y’all. I really like their music. I highly recommend In Bloom and 19 Seventy Sumthin’ from their newest album, The Peace and The Panic. Also that entire album. It’s all really good.

Abby: I’ve been really feeling Fools this month


Mallory: Not writing for this blog, that’s for sure. But I think I’m going to resume The Friday Five this week. So stay tuned for that – or don’t.

Abby: Trying to get through this semester. So stay tuned for that – or don’t.