This is WEIRDD: October 2017


Mallory: Kevin Torress’s arms around my shoulders as he hugs me and tells me he misses me before band rehearsal

Abby: my RDL jacket -> I met Andy and Kevin on the RDL


Mallory: actually drinking, but it’s a mango sweet tea, after Kevin drinks half of the one that I bought

Abby: Kevin buys me drinks when I give him rides after rehearsal because he cant drive

Impressed By

Mallory: Andy Torres and those awesome vlogs!

Abby: Kevin is a pretty good little cymbal.


Mallory: Kevin Torres’s tweets that tend to be way funnier than mine

Abby: Andy’s mind.


Mallory: All the messages Andy Torres sends to me on twitter and instagram that are irrelevant and funny

Abby: The amazing internet presence that is the Torres Brothers


Mallory: Not hanging out with the Torres brothers enough….sonic bois?

Abby: Wishing I knew the other Torres brothers


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