The Friday Five

  1. TAYLOR SWIFT’S NEW ALBUM. reputation is here y’all, and it is GOOD. I can’t pick a favorite yet because I really and truly like all of them. I am 100 percent here for an in-love Taylor Swift. You can just hear her glowing through the songs. They are all honestly bops and if you expect me to listen to anything other than this album for at least the next month, you are wrong.
  2. I am so glad that I get to live with Amber Jones. She is beauty and grace and way super fun. I know that I wouldn’t get to know her this way if I wasn’t living with her and that would be one of the biggest tragedies in my life. Thanks for being a true friend Amber.
  3. I have a French test later today that I actually feel semi-prepared for?? When we went over the practice exams in class on Wednesday I had actually performed pretty well, which was a strange feeling. I still have to study some more, but I feel like I might do better than I normally do on this exam.
  4. Tau Beta Sigma’s Founder’s Day ceremony was last night, and it was a true blast. I am so honored to get to be a part of this organization and it was so cool to have guests come and learn about and celebrate it with us. Every day my sisters do something else to make me appreciate and love them more. A true blast.
  5. I’m going to my first chicken finger Friday later with the platonic love of my life Carol Turner. I am very excited about this. I love chicken. I love Carol. What else could I ask for? (nothing)

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