Babe Thursday: Maureen Balcerzak Edition

Oh maureen. this girl is 100. if you don’t know her, don’t go to bed tonight until you have followed her on twitter (@mrnbalcerzak). You won’t regret it.


As you can see above, me and maureen are always helping each other out. Sometimes that means tying each-others shoes, sometimes this means choosing clothes for hitting the town. Whatever it is, we make sure the other is prepared for the choices they are making.


Maureen is another one of those lovelys I met in Tau Beta Sigma. (what a great organization) I feel like Maureen and I just really vibe. When we make eye contact at chapter, I know we are thinking the same thing.


Maureen is a dynamic human bean. She is really freaking cool, and really freaking pretty, and really freaking smart and I’m really freaking glad I know this babe.


P.S. though it may seem like it, I am actually not IN love with maureen. But you should be. cuz she’s awesome.


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