This is WEIRDD: November 2017


Mallory: a lot of leggings because I am a FAN of comfort and leggings offer supreme comfort

Abby: ok so I got two pairs of fabletics leggings that are really comfy and also I have a lot of old navy sweaters that are nice


Mallory: Mac and cheese for the win…amiright ladies???

Abby: On thanksgiving I had tamales and tortilla soup

Impressed By

Mallory: Nicole Benedict. She’s the Psi chapter’s fearless leader, and she is a fantastic president. She is also a great friend. I love Nicole.

Abby: the way my chem professor can make it sound like it isnt his fault 80% of the class is failing #shade


Mallory: I recently reread two of my favorite YA series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: The Naturals and The Fixer. I love these books so much. I highly recommend people.

Abby: I havent read anything in so long. This is a drought.


Mallory: getting WRECKED by school….not sure if I’ll make it out of the semester alive.

Abby: I auditioned for an indoor drumline. That was cool


Mallory: reputation by Taylor Swift. Did you even have to ask?

Abby: Wild Child dropped two new songs and the Oh Hello’s dropped one new one. WHOOP