Mallory’s Outfits Week Quatre

Day 21: I only wore this during the day, because I had a band concert that night. After the concert I got Andy’s with my friends and then we hung out at Abby’s until like 2 AM. It was a good night – but I really should have been studying.

Day 22: I feel like all I did this day was study. I literally only remember that and going to an executive council meeting. I had a test the next day and two the day after that so I felt just like the trash I’m pictured on top of.

Day 23: I took a test, went to a lot of class, and then had chapter. Pretty decent day??? I studied a lot this day too. Also Whataburger sometime that night. I think.

Day 24: I took two tests!!! I also got lunch with Alex (my honorary big) at Savoy and went to see Lego Batman with a bunch of the MCs before going back to Abby’s with them and Jacob. Lots of fun.

Day 25: I slept till 2 PM. It was much needed. Then I got Savoy with Garret (a MC for Kappa Kappa Psi). I also watched his horror movie from high school with a few other people later before we went to IHOP to meet some other friends. Good stuff.

Day 26: I went to church with my friend Megan, went to the library, and then the Joint Ceremony for the MC’s. I also hung out with Andy and Kevin in the tech center, so s/o to Andy Torres for this great pic.

Day 27: Um I think I went to class and work?? I also spent a couple of hours in the library.

Day 28: I’M DONE. I just went to class today. I was really upset because I had a great outfit in mind but then it was too warm out for it. Sad times dude.

Okay so as a recap, I feel like this challenge was a lot more successful than the one we did last April – at least for me. I was more creative with my outfits because I limited myself a lot more. I think it was a good thing to do, but I am really glad to be able to wear my favorite sweatshirt tomorrow. Thanks for reading about my clothing choices for a month.



Mallory’s Outfits Week Trois

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Day 12: There isn’t a picture for this day because Abby, Kat, and I celebrated Gal-entine’s Day and it was a “special circumstance.” We made breakfast, got ready, studied at Onyx in Springdale, and went to see a live production of The Last Five Years. It was a pretty nice time.

Day 13: I went to class and then to a pancake/waffles for dinner celebration of Gal-entine’s day with TBS/KKY. After that, I went over to Abby’s to do homework and laundry and stay up way too late before sleeping on her couch. What a day.

Day 14: A lazy day because I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before. I went to class and all that fun stuff. After work, Jacob bought Abby and I Valentine’s dinner in the form of Thai food because he is the best friend ever.

Day 15: Class???? I had a geology lab that took way too long to do. I can’t really remember exactly what I did. Oops.

Day 16: A day I found out that one of the people who works at Starbucks knows my name. I promise I don’t even go there that often. I thought.

Day 17: What a stressful day. I went to class, went to work, and wrote the entirety of a paper that was due at 9 PM before I left to go to Texas for South Texas Area Workshop at 4. Not a great day, but I really liked this outfit so I guess it was okay???

Day 18: The day of South Texas workshop. A very good day. I love getting to interact with other brothers and sisters from around the district. I also got to see Julia and Emma Patty – 10/10.

Day 19: We drove back from Texas. I actually got to drive. I also got flipped off on the highway, so I think this officially means that I am an adult. (For the record, he flipped me off for something that was completely not my fault – the people in front of me were not going as fast as the people behind me wanted.)

Day 20: Lots of class, lots of work, lots of studying. I found a new bathroom at work, which was where this was taken. An okay day. I also spent the last of my flex on a dr. pepper icee, so pretty lit.

This was obviously the week of mirror pictures and peace signs. A lot of the mirror pictures happened because I kept forgetting outfit pics were a thing. But it’s fine. I also am posting on a Tuesday instead of a Sunday because this way I can do my final post on like next Wednesday or something. It makes it more even ya know????


Mallory’s Outfits Week Deux


Day 5

Day 5: I went to church, and then hung out with Abby, Kat, Jacob, Maureen, and Lauren to study. Later, I ate soup and Abby/Kat’s house while we watched Lady Gaga slay her half time show.


Day 6








Day 6: This picture was taken in the tech center, so I guess I spent time studying there with Kevin, Katy, and Andy. Not sure though.


Day 7

Day 7: I was really impressed with myself because I finally wore my booties to class. I also worked and studied and played Just Dance this day. It was long, but very good.


Day 8






Day 8 :  I did typical things like go to class, got dinner with Megan and Abby, went to the library for a few hours, and then to an intramural game.


Day 9

Day 9: I had lots of classes this day. I accidentally fell asleep in my night class, and then I had to go to chapter. Then I went to another intramural game. Because apparently I like watching basketball now.


Day 10: I need to apologize for this being a mirror picture. But I didn’t ever take an actual one. So sorry. But this day was cool, because after class I got tea with one of the coolest people I know, and then I got to study at Onyx with Abby. I also ate Wendy’s.

Day 11: I don’t actually have a picture for this day because I spent the day at Arkansas Area Workshop for TBS and we decided it was a special circumstance day so that I could wear my stitch letter shirt that isn’t a part of my 28/28. Sorry to disappoint. 😦

I’m also literally posing with my arms in 4/6 of these pictures. Someone teach me how to pose in a flattering, not awkward way. I’m begging.


Mallory’s Outfits Week Un

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Day 1: I had class and went to a preview of an honors seminar with Abby and then an intramural game to support all of my friends. Then to Whataburger with those friends. A very good time. (Also studied a lot).

Day 2: I took a test this morning that I think I did pretty well on. I got lunch with Jacob and went to class and then to chapter (we got to wear pjs to chapter). I spent quite a bit of time in the band hall just hanging with my friends.

Day 3: A new day, a different test. I had a couple classes, but a very free afternoon of studying and then I had a French test (which went a little better than expected). I also went with Abby to take Jacob to get his haircut, went into Ulta for the first time, and hung out with some other friends.

Day 4: I visited Abby at work with a friend, and then all of us explored the shops that the Fayetteville square had to offer. The moss on the wall I’m in front of is part of my friend’s senior honors thesis which is very cool. I also got to spend some quality girl talk time with Abby and Kat which was very much needed.

P.S. I realize I pose basically the same way in every single one of these pictures but maybe it’s how I look decent enough?? idk I’m just stupid and automatically pose like that ignore me


28 for 28 (the 2017 version of 30 for 30)

Alright, we’re bringing the clothing challenge back. If you weren’t regularly reading our blog when it was first created, this challenge was the first thing that happened way back in April of 2016. Wow so long ago!!

Anyway, we’re doing it again but since we are doing it in February we are only doing 28 pieces of clothing for 28 days. We decided to do it early in the year because colder weather means different clothes which means more entertaining content – right??? We will be keeping the same rules and guidelines as last year, just in case you need a refresher.

What Mallory Will Be Wearing in February

  1. Skinny jeans with holes
  2. Black AE leggings
  3. Black Girlfriend Collective leggings
  4. Heather grey fleece lined AE leggings
  5. Light wash skinny jeans
  6. Dark wash boyfriend jeans
  7. Black skinny jeans
  8. White mock-neck AE sweater
  9. Green sweater
  10. Peanut Butter sweatshirt
  11. Arkansas sweatshirt
  12. Black sleeveless crop top
  13. Plain white t-shirt
  14. Tan/black striped short sleeve
  15. Burgundy/navy striped long sleeve mock-neck
  16. White/black striped turtleneck
  17. Denim half button up
  18. Navy/white checked button up
  19. Teal/black plaid flannel
  20. Gold/blue plaid flannel
  21. Pink cardigan
  22. Maroon cardigan
  23. Purple Nike half-zip
  24. Validate me short sleeve tee
  25. TBS long sleeve tee
  26. Blake Nikes
  27. Adidas superstars
  28. Tan/gold booties

P.S. I am really trying to be better about making different outfits and putting effort everyday.

Also my accessories are triangle earrings, diamond-y earrings, black choker, kendra scott necklace, and a gold longer necklace. (Abby agreed that my fitbit and tragus earring don’t count if I never change them so there’s that).

What Abby Will Be Wearing in February

  1. Medium Wash Blue Skinny Jeans
  2. Light Wash Skinny Boyfriend Jeans
  3. Navy Cropped Sweats
  4. Black Leggings
  5. Dark Navy Structured Sweats
  6. Denim Button Down with White Flowers
  7. Gray Oversized Arkansas Sweatshirt
  8. Tan Suede Button Down
  9. Gray Sweatshirt Style Top
  10. Gray and White Sweat Shirt
  11. Black Plaid Babydoll
  12. Light Pink Sweater Cardigan
  13. White Button Down with Navy Coffee Cups
  14. Light Green Long-sleeve shirt
  15. Black and White Stripped Long-sleeve v neck
  16. Emerald Green Turtle Neck
  17. Gold Sheer Top with Navy Trim
  18. Light Pink Patterned Button Down
  19. Red Crop Top
  20. Black almost Metallic Button Down
  21. Gray Flow-y Cardigan
  22. Tight White Striped Long Sleeve
  23. Gray Long-Sleeve Calvin Klein T-shirt
  24. Long Sleeve Periwinkle Specked Shirt
  25. Gray Fratty Sweater
  26. Floral Mens Short Sleeve Button Down
  27. White Hightop Vans
  28. Black Tennis Shoes

P.S. If you can’t tell from my list of clothing, my style for this challenge is channeling Cold and Tired College Student.

Abby’s Outfits 26-30

Hey so I’m finally done with this challenge…. It really showed me I don’t need as many clothes as I have and it also showed me I really have a tendency to re-wear outfits. I’m gonna do a closet cleanse now but I am still definitely gonna have more that 30 items of clothing. Fun times.

Day 26: We got Shave the Planet this day and yaaaaaaaaa

Day 27: I climbed up in this tree so I could be artsy

Day 28: Really awkward photo…

Day 29: REALLY awkward photo

Day 30: ok. here’s the deal. I had cymbal line auditions from 8-5:30 on this day so I was wearing athletic clothes that time. Then i went to the springtime of youth concert and i had a final outfit picked out and it wasnt a repeat outfit or anything but then i got to my room and i was so tired and ya i repeated an outfit. i realize this is very lame cuz its the last day but i think i made a valiant effort up until this point to not repeat outfits at all, like not even similar outfits. so ya, thats what happened


P.S. I apologize for the amount of peace signs in the photos


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Mallory’s Outfits Week Cuatro

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This last week was really hard to complete this challenge. Like very hard. Like I had no clue what to wear ever. I am so glad that I can wear all of my clothes now. Glad I participated in this challenge, but also very glad that it’s over.

Day 24: I turned in my 10 page physics paper!! We went to onyx in springdale and did lots o’ homework and then we ate off campus. woooooo fun!!!

Day 25: Steadily running out of poses that don’t look stupid. I guess all I did was go to class bc I sure can’t remember anything about this day.

Day 26: I’ve been craving a snowcone for months so we FINALLY got snowcones. And then Abby took the stupidest picture of me to date.

Day 27: It was a lil rainy this day…also another stupid looking picture.

Day 28: I took minutes for the first time in chapter!!

Day 29: I forgot to take a picture of me in this outfit. Whoops. It wasn’t very cool because it stormed all day. But I took a two hour nap and went to Viejo with my friends so it was a pretty okay day.

Day 30: Springtime of Youth Music Festival!!! I saw so much great live music and some not so great live music. BORNS was freaking fantastic live and he’s such a beautiful human being.

Abby’s Outfits 21-25

Day 21: When you don’t put on makeup so you hide your face.

Day 22: Mallory and I had delicious food today in Bentonville.

Day 23: Red and White game, hence the no outfit

Day 24: Spent all day in a coffee shop writing a 10 page research paper

Day 25: I am the most awkward.


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Mallory’s Outfits Week Tres

Day 17: This t-shirt was a special circumstance cause the last day of convention everyone matched so yeah…I had whataburger two times this day be I am from Texas and us Texans love whata.

Day 18: Photo taken in the downtown square of Fayetteville!! Abby dropped off a job application at Savoy Tea and we studied there for awhile that afternoon because #college.

Day 19: I had my last lab of the semester this day!!! Peace out Physics and Human Affairs lab, see ya never!!

Day 20: Another day, a different coffee shop. We (Kat, Abby, and I) studied at Onyx for a few hours, where I drank my third cup of coffee of the day. Then we dropped by Kat’s house to say hi to her mom (and most importantly, Cleo, her dog!!!).

Day 21: I spent 4-ish hours in Arsaga’s on campus working on a paper. And then I went to class. And then I ate in the union. And then I changed clothes bc elections. And then I was elected Recording Secretary. What a day.

Day 22: I skipped two morning class, went to stat, ate lunch, and then hung out in the Bentonville square for hours. Abby and I got good coffee, wandered around downtown, and freaking great salmon at a fancy restaurant. Good day.

Day 22: I didn’t have an outfit because we played in the band for the spring red/white game and wore a band t shirt and shorts.

btw it was so rainy at the beginning of week and now it is very sunny and 80 degrees outside so thanks @ArkansasWeather


Abby’s Outfits 16-20

Day 16: I call this pose senior portrait

Day 17: I call this pose sophomore year mirror selfies.

Day 18: Low-key seducing you in this picture.

Day 19: Mallory says this pose is thug.

Day 20: I kind of cheated today and changed into a tshirt after I took this pic but it was 6 pm so I made it through most of the day. Effort is the most important thing, right?

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