Babe Thursday: Jacob Maestri Edition

I can’t believe I haven’t done a post for dad yet so here it is.


So I have known Jacob since freshman year. Mallory and I used to spend every night in his dorm room and he loved it. He would have to force us out the door. It was so fun! what a babe.


Since freshman year we have somehow remained friends. It’s amazing that even with how much we piss each other off, we are still besties.


Ok but seriously Jacob is a pretty great dude. We have good conversations and good hangs. I reply. I’m glad he’s in my life and this is why he is babe.



Babe Thursday: Razorback Cymbal Line Edition Part 2

All the cymbal ladies, now put your hands up!


It’s time for the real muscle behind the line, the cymbal ladies!


First up we have Amber. Amber is pretty babe-ilicous because at drumline auditions she came straight to cymbals. Didn’t wanna play anything else, so she is pretty OG. Amber is super funny and super with it and just a super member of the line. I can always count on her. As I have gotten to know her over the season I have come to realize she is also a great friend. Amber is always down to hear my stories and Amber is also always down to say it like it is. She is just super real.


COLLETTE. This small one is very babe. She quickly picked up technique and established her place on the line. She is more relevant than the rest of us and tends to know more pop songs than the average person. Coco always has a smile on her face and isn’t really one to complain. I appreciate the respect I get from her and I respect her more for it. Solid girl. Babe.


I was really excited when I found out Kelsey was gonna be a part of the cymbal line this year. She seemed really cool and I figured in turn she would enhance the cymbal line’s coolness factor. She did the best she could and I would argue we are a little bit cooler now. Kelsey laughs at most things I say and I choose to think thats because she thinks I’m funny not because I’m ridiculous. Kelsey is just a total babe because she’s very chill and very skilled.


SSSAAARRRAAAHHH. Sarah joined us late in the game and has had to work very hard to catch up with us. Her improvements over the season have been tenfold and I know she will keep improving as time goes on. Sarah is another one of those people who keeps me laughing. I really appreciate that whenever I make faces at her she just makes faces back. It has been good getting to know her this season. Lots of love for this babe.


Mom. Becca is my other half. The peanut to my butter. The anthro to my pology. The AV to my crash. She continuously impresses me with her ability to balance school and band and work and Kappa Kappa Psi and still manages to have time to be a huge influence on me. As section leader she sets a great example. As an anthropology student she gives me advice. And as my friend, she keeps me grounded. Endless love for this babe.


The women of the cymbal line are strong (in more ways than one) and inspiring. I hope everyone aspires to be like a cymbal line lady one day. They are babes.

Babe Thursday: Razorback Cymbal Line Edition Part 1


Ok so this post is gonna be a long one, so long in fact I am splitting it into two editions (guys and then girls).


Let’s start with this youngin’. This is Kevin. Kevin is a babe mostly because he doesn’t put up with my shit. He is really sassy (whether he intends it or not) and he always says the right thing to make me laugh. I’m really not sure if he’s trying to be funny but that is why you just gotta love Kevin. Who knows if he is being serious or not? In addition to his ‘tude Kevin is also my little cymbal clone. He catches on to everything super quickly and is very good about keeping his shit together. I can always count on Kevin to be doing everything right. Way to be cool Kevin. #babe


Next up we have Austin. Austin is one of those people who you think is really sweet and quiet but actually you are comepletely wrong. He constantly catches me off-guard with his savage comments. I’m sure he’s joking but that doesn’t make them any less hilarious. Austin is a consistent and very skilled member of the line. He helps to get me through long rehearsals and even longer football games and I really appreciate that. Also he loves musicals which is pretty cool. Babe.


Scott Sewell (pronounced like school without the ch) is an all around great guy. We are costume buddies which is a very important part of our friendship. Scott is always dancing and is really the only reason pep rallies are bearable. Scott is babe because he is just super down for whatever, super encouraging and super funny. Thanks Scott for being a babe all day, everyday.IMG_4813.JPG

Kyle. Another great Guy-le. He is one of the funniest people I know. He is like everything that you love to hate about frat boys except you don’t hate him cuz he is Kyle. Kyle is the raw-est dude I know (that’s a compliment for those of you who aren’t up with the lingo) and he is a great edition to the cymbal line. He has mastered all the technique and quickly picks up visuals. He’s just really nice and ya, I love Kyle.


Ok so Jared’s most babe quality has to be his deep voice. Like damn, it is killer. Jared is also a passionate Razorback fan and has produced some of the most iconic screaming cymbal player faces. Jared has always been super cool whether it was when he was chatting with me in the stands or getting ready for the next show. I can always count on him. BABE.


The final cymbal guy is Zach. RIP Zach because this is his senior year. It is gonna be super not cool next year without him. He is definitely┬áthe most enthusiastic about Razorback football which is obviously a babe-worthy quality. He also has a really great southern accent that I have made fun of but maybe it’s cuz i was jealous. Mostly he is just very encouraging and receptive and both of those qualities add to his babe-ness.img_6670

All in all the guys of the cymbal line are some of the nicest, funniest and coolest dudes I know. That is why they are babes.


Babe Thursday: Mo Edition


Mo. She’s a sweet one, yes she is. When I met her I thought she was shy. HA. I quickly realized how wrong that assumption was. Mo is one of the funniest, original and most genuine people I know. I have seen her grow from a crazy young child to a crazy, but more mature adult.


I’m always surprised by Mo. I’m never quite sure how she will react to a situation but I can always assume it will involve her contorting her face into some weird position and making a noise that doesn’t sound like it should’ve come out of a person. Despite how unpredictable she is in public, Mo is one of the most steady friends I have had. She will always snap me back and if I call her, we usually end up talking for hours. She even came to visit me in Arkansas (She came to visit me not to see the Commodores. She would never use me like that ­čśë┬áimg_0048

I feel very lucky to have Mo in my life. Being so close with someone much younger than me was not something I expected, but I now realize I wouldn’t want to live without. This is Mo’s senior year and I’m so excited to see where her post high school grad life takes her. I know the stories she tells me are only gonna get more exciting. So glad to have this babe in my life.



Babe Thursday: Darby Abbett Edition

It’s back. Your favorite weekly post (sorry mallory). Anyway here we go.

img_1692Such cute. Very love. Sorry I instinctively reverted back to high school me when I saw this picture of me and Darbs in the Bearcat Regiment. Darby has been in it (it being me) since like middle school. Long time babe. We really became besties when we had to be in ensembles in band and we talked about how it was impossible to find a good clarinet player (once again, no offense Mallory). Moral of the story, Darby and I started as band buddies and gradually evolved into being hanging out every weekend buddies.

Darby has been a fashion inspiration to me for a while now. She wears what she wants, how she wants, and she don’t care what you think about it. She has always supported me in my odd fashion choices and only called me a hobo because our physics teacher also called me hobo. That’s a pretty real friend, if you ask me.

img_5765Alas, Darby and I have had a tumultuous last year due to the fact that we go to colleges FIVE HOURS AWAY FROM EACH OTHER. But, each time I come home, we pick up just like old times, so I am not too worried about our friendship deteriorating because of the distance. I am mostly worried about my own Darby interaction levels which are consistently too low. All in all, Darby is babe because she loves fandoms as much as I do, she is cooler than me and she has always been there for me.

What a babe.



Babe Thursday: Leah God Bless Edition

Leah is Leah God Bless because when I met her she did not have a cell phone so it was very hard to plan our adventures. When she finally got one it was such a relief that I put her into my phone as Leah God Bless and that is who she has been ever since.


So here is how the story goes. My senior year I was going to be cymbal section leader so it was my job to teach new members of the section. Tanner Trigg (percussion extraordinaire and my percussion teacher) told me the spring of my junior year that there was going to be a freshman girl moving to Aledo and joining the cymbal line. She would come to drum club that spring to learn how to cymbal so that she could be ready for marching season. At those camps I made it my mission to not only teach her cymbals, but make her feel comfortable since she was at a new school. I was trying to learn from mistakes I had made with Mo (another cymbal baby who I sufficiently freaked out at our first meetings because I was overbearing), so with Leah I attempted to be more cool. I’m sure it didn’t come across as cool but either way she wasn’t too freaked out so we ended up spending an afternoon at┬áStarbucks and Walmart. ┬áThat’s where that picture above is from and that was where our friendship originated.

Our friendship continued from there during my senior year when we were on the cymbal line and then in the same concert band.  Come to find out, we had a lot more in common than just band. We had very similar fashion views which allowed us to have killer shopping adventures.( why do we always throw peace signs?) 

In addition to the style love, we share an insane love for Wild Child. We even got to see them in concert together in May. Therein lies why Leah is a babe. Even though we have known each other for little over two years and for one of those years I was six hours away, we have remained friends. We talk everyday because our snapstreak is 420 days and counting. Each time we get together we just fall back into our rhythm of being relationship goals. Basically we just go together and I’m really glad I found such a cool friend. What a babe.


Babe Thursday: Kat Campbell Edition

***It is actually friday and i am actually the worst***

IMG_6548So this is Kat and Kat is my female roommate. so first off, she gets babe points for helping me add estrogen to our environment. She’s also pretty great because she goes to the farmers market with me and she goes hiking with me and she works out with me and she cooks with me and she cleans with me. So basically we are a married couple in our forties.

IMG_6130Kat is also a babe because she introduced me to some of my favorite shows, Buffy, Angel and Gilmore Girls. She even watches Walking Dead for me even though she doesn’t really like it which is pretty cool.

IMG_5247In addition to being a lovely constant companion she is really intelligent and well spoken so thats impressive. She’s also gorgeous and effortlessly rocks bold lipsticks and bangs, a feat not easily mastered. She is just so cool omg and so awesome and rn she’s reading this thinking im gross…

Love love- Abby

Babe Thursday: Mallory Melton Edition

I have decided I am going to do this weekly post that I am gonna call Babe Thursday. So every Thursday I will post about why a person in my life is a babe. I figured I would start with my co-blogger, Mallory.



I realize this first picture is kind of derpy but I couldn’t resist. I literally called her a babe in it. Ok, so Mallory is a babe for many reasons. She is a babe because I know I can count on her to listen to all my stories that are so irrelevant. She also tells me equally unimportant stories but I think we have a mutual understanding. She is also always down to hang out which usually means sitting in the same room and showing each other funny things on the internet.


I realize I just made her sound really lame so I want to clarify. Even though she is down to just watch Gilmore Girls for 4 hours, she’s also great to go out with. She’s pretty much cool to do whatever so it is very easy to end up doing some crazy stuff with this girl. It’s ok though cuz you know even if yall are doing something stupid, she will look slammin’ while she’s doing it.


Mallory and I were instant friends and I attribute that to her easy going personality. It feels really natural to have a conversation with her and it is easy to get really comfortable. She is also my band buddy so she understands all my band feels.


Basically Mallory is just a cutie and sweetie and a total babe. I’m really glad we lived on the same floor last year and ended up being besties. In a few weeks it will be our one year Frienda-versary and I can’t wait to see her and celebrate.