Christmas Haul Part 4: Friends (and Myself)

From Me, to Me


I ran a twitter poll that told me I should buy myself earrings and a necklace. So, pictured above are the earrings that I chose to buy, from Ms. RabbitHole on Etsy. They are perfect for the everyday studs I was in the market for – I haven’t taken them off since they came in the mail. I feel like it is also my responsibility to let y’all know that since I have been wearing them all the time the gold on the earring has rubbed off and they are now silver. I still wear them, but I am honestly a little thrown off because they now don’t match any of my gold jewelry.  I also bought myself the choker from BaubleBar pictured below. It was on super sale because it was one of their Buried Baubles, which they refresh a couple days a week.


I also purchased myself a pair of leggings from Girlfriend Collective, while they were doing a giveaway of FREE leggings. I JUST HAD TO PAY SHIPPING! I don’t have a picture of them on me, but I wear them all the time. They are so comfy, and they don’t stretch throughout the day.

I found out that Zendaya has a clothing line, and when I looked at the clothes online I found this pair of pants that I just had to have. So I bought them. Maybe it was unwise, but LOOK AT THEM. I am in love.

From Jacob Maestri


Jacob gave most of his close friends books that were tailored to each of our personalities, so we all got together on Dead Day, dressed up in fancy clothes, and ate breakfast foods for dinner before we opened our books. He gave me this book called Uncommon Grounds by Mark Pendergast that I have started to read AND IT IS SO GOOD. It’s also a really good Christmas break read because it is so large. I can’t wait to finish it.

From Abby Patty


Abby bought me gifts from a wish list that were things I really needed/wanted. I got a beauty blender, an eyeshadow brush set, and a new earring to put in my tragus piercing. The beauty blender works so well. The earring is SO CUTE and I love the way it works without having a back I have to deal with.


From Kat Campbell


Fun fact: I am allergic to microwave popcorn so I struggle finding ways to eat popcorn with my friends. To solve the problem, Kat bought me an air-popper to keep at her and Abby’s house for our numerous movie nights. I love this so much and honestly it might be one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. Kat has 10/10 gift giving skills.


P.S. This was written at a lot of different time over the past two months so it is a little sporadic. I am sorry for the VERY late post but it is here!!!! YAY!!!!


Christmas Haul Part 3: Dad’s Family

On December 23rd, my family, my dad’s two sisters and their families, and my grandpa and grandpa gathered together to celebrate Christmas and my dad’s birthday (which is actually on the 24th). We ate creamy tacos and queso, had some pretty awesome fellowship, and opened presents. We also sang happy birthday to my dad before cutting into some cheesecake (I don’t get it, but cheesecake is his favorite dessert). On the 24th, we went to the Christmas Eve service at my church (Tapp UMC) at 3:00 PM and then to my great-aunt Paula’s to eat dinner with my extended family on that side. Us “teenagers” (some of us are actually 20/21) got to do a Chinese Christmas gift exchange, and I ended up with an iTunes gift card (which basically means my Apple Music subscription will be free the next two months).

From My Aunt Chris (and her husband and kids)


This very nice Arkansas sweatshirt from the campus bookstore that I am in LUUUUV with!!!! (I picked it out with my mom for my aunt so like I knew what I was getting but I’m still excited fam). I also have worn it at least three times a week since Christmas so it was a GOOD GIFT.

From My Aunt B and Kristel (and their daughter)


An Amazon gift card shaped like a bookmark. Y’all, this is pretty lit because I have been into reading actual books instead of Kindle books – and now I have a way to buy them AND MARK MY PLACE! I think I will end up buying Almost Adulting by Arden Rose and Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham, along with whatever my twitter poll decides.

From My Nana and PawPaw

This is basically a haul of various clothes from American Eagle but DEAL WITH IT – I like their clothes OKAY.


These pajama pants that are silky, high waisted, wide legged, and HAVE POCKETS. Also very cute. They are very soft and honestly I’ve considered trying to style them into an actual outfit multiple times – this probably won’t ever happen BUT IT COULD.



I love this blouse shirt thing with bell sleeves and a pattern – but like is it cute? Or ugly? Is it ugly/cute? Who actually cares? NOT ME!!! I am really into the bell sleeves, plus this is very comfortable and cute. It also gives you options of how much cleavage you actually want to show – this is nice because it makes the top ~versatile~ for different occasions.


JEANS. Cause who can have too many pairs of jeans? No one, that’s who. These ones are a darker wash, high waisted, and very comfortable.


Two pairs of leggings! Because every single pair of leggings that I owned before Christmas had a hole in the butt or crotch or elsewhere because that happened. The black ones are a replacement from the time I jumped a fence and ripped a giant hole in my favorite pair – they are high-waisted, black, comfortable, and a very basic pair of leggings like every girl should own. The gray ones are fleece lined! I really like the logo band thing at the top and how high these come up on my waist.


This white mock-neck sweater – very cute, very warm. I’m into it. This can be dressed up or down, and is a very nice basic piece.


Two more bralettes from Aerie because I don’t wear a real bra anymore. Who would, after putting one of these on??? They are so terribly comfortable. The black one is a halter one, and the blue-y/purple-y one has a criss-cross back. The color is also GORGEOUS.


This super cute long sleeved t-shirt. All of American Eagle clothing is so soft, I honestly can’t take it. This has a mock-neck top, with a little keyhole. The material is subtly striped, which I honestly wasn’t really expecting but am excited about.


P.S. – I know that these pictures don’t really give the clothing justice but I don’t have a better way to show them!! It took me a little bit to figure out how to photograph the shirts, and it still is pretty subpar. I promise to try better in the future.

Christmas Haul Part 2: Mom’s Family

On Christmas Day, my family went to church and then had Christmas lunch at IHOP before heading to Camden, AR for festivities with my mom’s parents and siblings the next day. We spent the night at my grandparents house, along with my two younger cousins and one of my mom’s older sisters. Those of us in the house ate chicken spaghetti and helped prepare for the celebration the next day. I baked cookies and helped to clean up. On the 26th, my mom’s brother and other sister joined us, along with my two older cousins and their husbands. We ate a big lunch, and after the kitchen was clean the younger kids (this still includes me) opened presents. The adults all participated in a Chinese Christmas gift exchange.

From Aunt Mel


She gave all of the girls a Vera Bradley makeup bag, and mine looks like this! I haven’t transferred my makeup into it yet, but I can’t wait to get that done. This makeup bag is so roomy, and there are even little mesh pockets on the inside. I’m really excited to use this.

From Uncle Kyle and Aunt Betty


We all got small wristlet wallets from Fossil! Like with the makeup bag, I haven’t transferred anything over yet but I really need to get around to that. The wallet I am currently using is one that I have been using for a year, so it has gotten a little dingy from wear and tear. Like very dingy. Like there are place on it that are supposed to be white, but now have turned a light brown. So this gift will find some very good use.

From Lanie and David


These necklace can be layered together or worn individually. They have a really cool latch that allows them to hook together if you want to wear them that way. I also don’t really have any colored jewelry like this so these might come in handy.

From Gram and Pop


All of the grandkids got $25 Walmart gift cards. Mine has this super cute dog on it. I honestly haven’t decided what I will end up buying with this yet, but it should come in handy next time I’m in Walmart. I’m a broke college kid, so gift cards are ALWAYS welcome.


Christmas Haul Part 1: Santa/My Parents

These posts will be a little out of chronological order, but I want to describe our Christmas celebrations and such at the beginning, before getting into the “What I Got For Christmas.” I love these videos on Youtube, so I thought I would replicate them in a blog post form with pictures and text!

This morning, my family had to go open “Santa” presents all together. Since I was little, we had to go get the gifts at the same time. They aren’t usually wrapped, but this year my mom did decide to put them in gift bags. After we got our presents, we all got ready for church since today is a Sunday. We ate a Christmas lunch at IHOP, and then headed to Camden, AR for the celebration with my mom’s family tomorrow.

From Santa/My Parents


The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling, and Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell – a very impressive book haul, if I do say so myself.


The Lumineers’ Cleopatra Vinyl because this album is fantastic and I’m trying to build up my very meager vinyl collection with fantastic albums – so it is perfect.



These freaking cute earrings that I helped my mom pick out from Francesca’s while we were doing other Christmas shopping – lit.


My mom got me this letter sweatshirt made by her friend Tanda, and also a sweatshirt from the West Wing Weekly merchandise shop. Because I am the type of person to wear a sweatshirt that supports a podcast.

My stocking was filled with candy and socks which is honestly always nice. My parents also paid for our family to go on the youth group ski trip, which was 100% fun. I love snow skiing and haven’t gotten to do it since junior year, so I was pretty pumped. Despite the injuries (we had 1 each day), it was a pretty darn good trip. Here’s a picture of my roommate Abby and I that is a recreation of one we took on the last ski trip we went on together when I was in the 7th grade.


feat. my VERY squinty eyes because it was super sunny outside