This is WEIRDD: November 2017


Mallory: a lot of leggings because I am a FAN of comfort and leggings offer supreme comfort

Abby: ok so I got two pairs of fabletics leggings that are really comfy and also I have a lot of old navy sweaters that are nice


Mallory: Mac and cheese for the win…amiright ladies???

Abby: On thanksgiving I had tamales and tortilla soup

Impressed By

Mallory: Nicole Benedict. She’s the Psi chapter’s fearless leader, and she is a fantastic president. She is also a great friend. I love Nicole.

Abby: the way my chem professor can make it sound like it isnt his fault 80% of the class is failing #shade


Mallory: I recently reread two of my favorite YA series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: The Naturals and The Fixer. I love these books so much. I highly recommend people.

Abby: I havent read anything in so long. This is a drought.


Mallory: getting WRECKED by school….not sure if I’ll make it out of the semester alive.

Abby: I auditioned for an indoor drumline. That was cool


Mallory: reputation by Taylor Swift. Did you even have to ask?

Abby: Wild Child dropped two new songs and the Oh Hello’s dropped one new one. WHOOP


This is WEIRDD: July 2017


Mallory: um nike shorts. it is really hot in houston so ya girl is just tryna stay cool. i wore the same t shirt for a week when i worked vbs – it was a fun week of not planning outfits.

Abby: Black on black because I have been working all the time.


Mallory: STORYTIME. last week i was dogsitting at my boss’s house and since i had access to a stove and oven i decided to cook myself dinner so i went to my favorite grocery store HEB and bought a box of mac n cheese and a bag of frozen chicken nuggets. and a couple of bottles of sweet tea and a pint of ben n jerrys. AND THE CHECK OUT GIRL COMMENTED ON THE FACT THAT IT LOOKED LIKE A GOOD DINNER. like what. don’t judge me!!!!!

Abby: Preacher’s Son Bentonville AR. Garret took me on a fancy date and I got clams and omg they were so tasty. 10/10 would clam again.

Impressed By

Mallory: is it conceited if i say myself?? i just feel like i have grown a lot this summer and found stuff out about myself. i am like good? at building relationships with students and i am genuinely impressed at that?

Abby: My coworkers. GO SAVOY


Mallory: “Windfall” by Jenifer E. Smith: WOW. what a book. it deals with how a couple of high school teenagers spend the money after they buy a winning lottery ticket. plus there is romance. a good YA read. “The Names They Gave Us” by Emery Lord. GUYS this book. i was floored by it. it like is about a teens faith being challenged at a summer camp with romance and she is finding herself and i cried A LOT. “I See London, I See France” by Sarah Mlynowski was also a good read. it just made me really want to travel and it was very good so yeah the theme of this summer has been YA written by strong women authors. NICE.

Abby: ha.


Mallory: i have been very into podcasts recently. specifically “Don’t Blame Me” with Meghan Rienks, “Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig”, and “The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast”. i like podcasts a whole lot, but what do i do with my hands??? and my eyes??? help me enjoy this more.

Abby: I got a roku! and Buffy is on Hulu.


Mallory: dreading going back to real life??? going on our high school mission trip??? bonding with students i love a whole lot??? missing my friends??? i have had a lot of emotions this month and i have been doing a lot

Abby: I went to Nashville and Texas.

Iconic Girls Trip to Nash: Day 1 Summary

Ok! So, for those of you who don’t know, me and couple of my lady friends are on a Girl’s Road Trip to Nashville. I will keep y’all updated on the tasty happenings of this adventure.


Road trip started as every good road trip starts….with a stop at a fast food restaurant for breakfast. I got a Whataburger Jr. because you know what is better than breakfast? BURGERS. Disclaimer: I would normally always choose breakfast over burgers but I was having a craving, ya know?



Our first stop is Memphis for some BBQ at Rendezvous. They weren’t technically open so the menu was limited to ribs, rolls and greek salad. The dry rub on the ribs was freakin’ tasty and our waiter hooked us up with rolls for the road.



^This is a Memphis Selfie.


We stopped at WALGREENS for more snacks and a potty break. Also shoutout to my mom for having a Walgreens rewards card that I use all the time.


This is our tiny house. It’s so artsy and adorable and small. I am anticipating getting really close to Lexi and Amber on this trip.


So if you wanna know the real reason for us coming to Nashville was the Pork Ramen at Two Ten Jack. I have dreamed about this ramen for two months so basically my trip peaked last night.




We ended the evening with Ice Cream from Jeni’s. All is well in Nash.




Tweets from Lent

I decided to give up Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for Lent – so I’m making this post of all the things I want to tweet over the next 40 days.

3/1 1:41 PM – i decided to give up twitter approx. 3 hours ago and i already don’t know what to do with myself

3/1 2:13 PM – every day i debate skipping French but then i remember how bad of an idea that would be but i still dont want to go

3/2 11:03 AM – biggest regret of the morning: seeing someone wearing a clothes over bros sweatshirt on campus and not proclaiming myself her friend

3/2 11:34 PM – i did laundry on tuesday and still havent folded the clothes. i promise im a successful adult, im just a busy successful adult.

3/3 12:29 PM – someone’s parents from hooks hs gave hooks hs my phone number and i get a phone call about how said person is missing school at least once every two weeks

3/3 2:54 PM – today i frat snapped

3/4 5:47 PM – Perfect by Ed Sheeran is actually the sweetest song ever

3/4 7:29 PM – i am so restless tonight bc i have zero plans and no social media to scroll

3/4 9:52 PM – i am in a crappy mood & want to hang out with my friends but they all have plans w/o me

3/4 10:54 PM – i love Adam Scott with my whole heart

3/6 11:08 AM – i dont think ive listened to anything other than divide since it came out

3/6 5:55 PM – today has been A Monday

3/7 2:48 PM – should i a. work on plsc essay b. study english (this would be a five minute poll)

3/8 5:39 PM – “we’re not gunna die and anyway how upset would u be if we did? u wouldnt, bc u would be dead”

3/8 10:27 PM – i just decided to paint my toenails before bed bc i want to wear chacos tomorrow

3/8 11:53 PM – i want a just between us sign

3/10 10:44 PM – restarted one tree hill aka i hate myself

3/11 8:43 PM – saw my plsc prof on a date at Hugo’s while i was eating w fam and im freaked out

3/14 10:14 PM – the spotify this is: *insert artist here* playlists are blessings lemme tell ya

3/14 10:33 PM – troix examen dans un semaine est tres mauvais

3/14 10:54 PM – i could either study plsc or leave the lib and go to bed a) study for like 30 min b) go to sleep

3/14 11:07 PM – only 2 days into a week w 3 tests and i already have a blister on my finger from writing

3/16 12:24 AM – halfway through the terms i have to know by 9:30 tomorrow morning!!!!

3/19 9:13 AM – the happiest i’ve ever been was 5 AM yesterday driving to Nashville blasting Taylor Swift while Jacob and Abby were asleep

3/20 2:59 PM – “i love on ramps bc there are so many varieties of them”

3/23 3:14 PM – the last public nap of the trip occurred in the House gallery – we r poetic

3/26 9:23 AM – “i love these shorts – they make me feel like a mom and that’s kinda my aesthetic”

3/26 7:05 PM – just realized jacob and abby only brought me to DC to take pictures and help caption their instagrams

3/26 7:08 PM – my phone has been on 1% since 2:30 PM – it also lasted an hour on the phone w my mom aka it is a trooper

3/26 7:53 PM – phone finally died still dont have a charger

3/27 8:40 AM – the mug i got at the national gallery of art has a big handle aka it is perfect

3/28 1:16 PM – stay tuned to see if i make it through today alive

3/28 2:41 PM – just spent an hour listening to please be naked by the 1975 on repeat planning next month – a ~wild~ afternoon

3/28 5:57 PM – today has been Stressful but i also have The Best Friends in my life

3/28 11:55 PM – “it’s midnight i should be watching netflix right now”

3/29 2:22 PM – someone should count how many times i watch my own snapchat stories

3/29 6:25 PM – Liability by Lorde is too real but also so good whoops

3/29 6:28 PM – sometimes i hate myself for enjoying Sam Hunt’s music

3/29 6:46 PM – my focus is nonexistent this week and that is a Bad Thing

3/30 11:18 AM – how nerdy would it be if i made the west wing theme song my ringtone

4/2 6:11 PM – should i order tapingo or eat mac n cheese a) treat yo self b) save yo money

4/2 6:22 PM – if i counted how many times i put something in my tapingo cart and then decide not to buy it i would need more than two hands

4/3 11:55 PM – i have loved @milesdheizer for years bc of parenthood and he is rockin this role in 13 reasons why

4/4 10:38 AM – i cant get over how well they cast 13 reasons why

4/4 12:00 PM – the soundtrack to 13 reasons why is lit as heck also i approve of the changes they made from the book just fun facts

4/4 12:17 PM – the guy in my mlit class that openly wears earbuds and works on other homework the entire class is my hero

4/6 10:21 AM – i have replied to at least 12 peoples snapchat stories with “amazing” since monday bc it fits every situation

4/6 11:55 AM – note to self: don’t listen to podcasts when walking around campus alone..people give u funny looks when u laugh out loud

4/7 12:02 PM – why do people sleep on Tenerife Sea

4/7 10:15 PM – i finished 13 reasons why on netflix at 2 today – since then i’ve reread the entire book…why am i like this

4/9 5:08 PM – i am amazed that brass instruments can make so many different sounds w only 3-4 keys…how is this a thing

4/10 7:23 PM – i just spent 20 minutes creating 5 spotify playlists…i h8 me

4/11 9:16 AM – passed a guy wearing a t shirt that read “a film by kirk” – amazing

4/11 9:17 AM – someone is listening to taylor swift VERY LOUD through headphones before class – i luv it

4/11 9:21 AM – looking at the tweets from past years OAP on my timehop makes me so nostalgic also it makes me cry

4/11 10:58 AM – i was looking forward to my brough salad but then the ranch sucked aka another reason to never have brough expectations – they always let u down

4/11 5:35 PM – the ac is back on in da Gib bless

4/11 5:21 PM – where is my focus sos i need it

4/13 1:57 AM – “u know what’s weird? sleep..can u just imagine people closing their eyes at around the same time + just the action of sleeping”

4/13 9:22 AM – “i’ve just been realizing so much about myself since i started watching New Girl”

4/13 11:16 AM – im choosing to believe that the microwave popcorn im allergic to being included in the Easter basket my parents sent me is a joke

4/13 12:27 PM – there’s a dude bro in my mlit class that has a sunglasses cord that reads “arkansas zta” holding his irl glasses

4/15 2:49 PM – God bless Megan Beard

4/15 2:52 PM – would it be creepy or amazing if we could see what other people were watching on Netflix like we can see what they’re listening to on Spotify

4/15 4:05 PM – i’ve been trying to do school work for two hours and feel like i have gotten literally NOTHING done

4/15 7:15 PM – i waste so much food bc i run out of ranch to dip it in

Menswear and Munchies: Day 3

This morning we tried to go hiking, but the trail we wanted to do was closed. It’s ok though because we got KRISPY KREME. Trading healthy outdoors for donuts is always a positive thing.


Abby or Jacob? (sorry I can’t hold a donut in front of my face)



From donuts we headed to our nation’s capitol. In the car I read my new book about mammals. Mammals are so cool.


Check out this Mac Jr. It’s got extra pickles. So gourmet.


WE FINALLY MADE IT TO D.C.. Based off Sam’s recommendation we went to Founding Farmers for dinner. Holy mother, that shit was good.


This was the fluffiest corn bread I have ever eaten. There was fancy butter and maple syrup. Malory didn’t eat it because she isn’t actually southern. I will continue investigating this issue and let yall know how it goes.

The following fuzzy picture shows my main course. First let me tell you about the brussel sprouts. These babies were maple glazed and cooked with bacon. That is heaven in a side dish, let me tell you. The sandwich was roasted veggies with balsamic vinegar and cream cheese. Your girl did not think to ask what veggies would be on the sandwich because 99% of the time I love all veggies. The one exception to that is tomatoes. First of all, they aren’t even veggie so I didn’t really have valid reason to fear. BUT there were tomatoes on this sandwich. And your girl ate them. And enjoyed them???? I am in the middle of an existential crisis because of this. Stay tuned for updates.


Post dinner we explored the mall. At night. It was really awesome because it wasn’t very crowded and there was a drunk girl crying in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Enjoy the pics.


Abby or Jacob?



Abby or Jacob?





Menswear and Munchies: Day 2

We took Jacob to church this morning and while he was loving Jesus, I was loving this scone. I was also finding places to eat in D.C. so that’s gonna be good. To quote Hamilton, “Just you wait.”


Brunch was the star meal of this day. We went to Butcher and Bee in Nashville, a restaurant all about locally sourced food.


This bacon was perfect. Also Mallory was perfect. Not related.


This is whipped feta. Betcha never thought about whipped feta before. You should start thinking about it. It is tasty.


Quote from Mallory about these fries, “These are the best french fries I have ever had.” If you don’t understand the significance of this statement, I am here to tell you Mallory is a french fry connoisseur.


Jacob’s french toast had Blood orange cream cheese that was heavenly. My sandwich had the amazing bacon, fried avocados (how do you even do that?), egg and comeback sauce. I don’t know what comeback sauce is but I do know that I will never comeback from how tasty this sandwich was. That was a stretch, but at least I tried.


We visited the Tennessee State Capitol and Jacob really enjoyed it. Mallory and I napped on a hill. We also rolled down that hill. It was a good time.


Our dinner was prepared by internationally renowned chef Jacob. These SANDWICHES consisted of peanut butter and bread. Simplicity is key.


We ended our day by watching the sunset in Gatlinburg. Apparently I am really bad at taking pictures of sunsets so I borrowed these pics from Jacob.


Abby or Jacob? Feat. Motel 6


Abby or Jacob? New faceless approach.



Menswear and Munchies: Day 1

Today is the first day of our Spring Break adventure and we spent the entire day in Nashville. I started with a sweet potato and white chocolate chip muffin. The “Local Latte” was much needed since we drove through the night to make it Nashville by morning. IMG_2560-2.JPG


We visited the Parthenon and started a segment I like to call “Abby or Jacob?” Who is who? Does it matter?


Our gourmet lunch consisted of shitty mall Chinese food. This is an underrated delicacy but I’m not gonna go into details. Use your imagination.




We put on our cute clothes and got a random person to take a picture of us in preparation for the most amazing meal of our life.


We started with some sushi and you can see how excited Mallory is. This sushi had pickles and salmon and avocado so basically it was a dance party in your mouth.


Then came the RAMEN. Ok so this ramen was so delicious. Like so freakin’ tasty. Here are some quotes from real life people who ate this ramen.

“I could eat only this broth for the rest of my life” – Mallory

“It made me tingly” – Jacob

“This ramen made me more giddy than any boy ever could.” -Abby

Basically the pork belly and broth and egg and mushrooms and all the other ingredients in between made this ramen a life changing experience. If you get the chance to go to Two Ten Jack in Nashville, do it. Make it happen at any cost. You won’t regret it.


I’m ending this blog post with a few other pictures from our adventures today. #enjoy


Round 2: Abby or Jacob?




Ok so here is the deal. I hate the clothes I picked for this challenge and I am a stressed lil nugget because this semester is wrecking me. So, after much deliberation, I have decided to quit the 28 for 28 challenge. I know some of you (Charlie Melton) will be upset. Just know that I am also sad and please direct any online hate to @GGardenhire. He deserves it.


Babe Thursday: TBS Big Sister Edition

If you haven’t gathered from some previous posts, I am a membership candidate for Tau Beta Sigma. This means I got a Big Sister to help me through the process and basically be my guiding light. This person for me is Alex Honeycutt. Big Little Reveal.jpg

I am really excited that Alex is my big for many reasons. 1) I know she loves to talk and I have been known to talk a little too much so I am sure we won’t be lacking in the conversation department. 2) I know that she is older and wiser than me so hopefully she will help me put my problems into perspective. 3) We are going to have so many fun adventures together. We are both pretty much down for anything so that means lots of hiking and brunch and road trips in the future.

MORE Big Little Reveal.jpg

I am so excited for cultivating our relationship. I know that no matter what, Alex and I will be good friends. So for the potential “babe-ness”, this babe Thursday goes to Alex.

Abby Day 1-7


Day 1: Look at me. Still so young and optimistic. Little did I know that the week to come would really stink.


Day 2: A U of A music stand featuring me looking thug.


Day 3: How to pose with a pole and not look like a stripper.


Day 4: Smiling because it is the only thing you can do when you can’t feel anything.


Day 5: Acceptance of the inevitable


Day 6: SO TODAY I LOST MY PANTS. Yep, lost a pair of pants because I had to put the pants featured above on for lab and I left my boyfriend jeans somewhere on campus. So moral of the story, an item in my 28 for 28 is going to change…not sure what they will be replaced with yet.


Day 7: My to do list only has two things on it today. What an accomplishment.