The Friday Five

  1. Since moving to Fayetteville, I have met so many people that don’t just call each other by name. I have come to love being called buddy, pal, friend or fam. I have also come to love being called Mal, which is a nickname I wouldn’t accept in high school (mostly because I’m stubborn). Terms of endearment have become some of my favorite things.
  2. I got my tragus pierced yesterday!! It’s so weird to think that today I have a place to put jewelry that I didn’t 24 hours ago. I would like to say this was my first rebellious college stunt, but I actually did text my mom and have a sort of argument about if I could or not and she eventually agreed. I went to a tattoo shop in Fayetteville where at the time I was the only customer in the shop, the people were super nice, and the pain wasn’t too bad. Now I’m constantly approaching my friends and greeting them by saying “Look, I have a new hole in my ear.” I know this is annoying, but I’m not gunna stop.
  3. I’m so pumped to go on a sisterhood retreat this weekend. Getting to spend time with the members of TBS is one of my favorite things to do, and this will be constant non-stop time with people I love. HECK YES.
  4. Abby and I went on a taco adventure yesterday afternoon with our friends JT and Kat. We tried two authentic taco places but couldn’t try anymore because we were ill prepared and ate too much at the first one. I love being able to do spontaneous things like this. Honestly when would I get a text reading “Taco adventure wanna come?” and actually go get hella tacos living in small town Texas? Never.
  5. There are too many cute boys in Fayetteville. How am I supposed to get through class when I notice a new attractive person everyday?



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